Red Pill – First screenshots

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Here is the first batch of screenshots from The Red Pill, the new air/naval wargame under development.

The tester who took the shots describes the depicted scenario:

The Soviets decide to intercept a spying RC-135 in the Baltic. The RC-135 is escorted by four German F-4Fs and four Danish F-16As, and is intercepted by eight MiG-23Ms and six Su-15TMs. The MiG-23Ms pave the way breaking through the snooper’s escort while a pair of Su-15TMs manages to get into range for an AA-3 missile salvo.

 RedPill_Baltic_RC-135_Intercept_001 RedPill_Baltic_RC-135_Intercept_002 RedPill_Baltic_RC-135_Intercept_003 RedPill_Baltic_RC-135_Intercept_004 RedPill_Baltic_RC-135_Intercept_005RedPill_Baltic_RC-135_Intercept_006

Yuri & Dmitri Donskoy

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Possible candidate for photo of the month, by the Russian Navy Blog.


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