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We take no responsibility for the correctness or quality of the information surrounding this home page or whatever damage direct or indirect caused by the home page or any of the downloads. All military information on these pages comes from unclassified material found in books, magazines, web sites and mails from fellow wargamers and military enthusiasts.

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HarpoonHQ Design, Graphics and Banners

Dimitris Dranidis, Scott Johnson, Tommi Kinturi, Ilkka Lindblom

Computer Harpoon Scenario Designers

Alex, Jacob Alexander, Gianni Bartoli, Klaus Behrmann, Eric Bohley, Paul Bridge, Alan Caso, Marco Cipollini, Christopher Comars, Alfredo C. Cuttone, Chris Elliott, Fred Galano, François Guérin, Dan Hayes, Tom Herron, Saul H. Jacobs, Scott Johnson, Ralf Koelbach, Stephen M. LeBlanc, Stephen Mills, Michael Mykytyn, Claudius Nissl, Mike Reed, Johannes Ritter, Luigi Varriale, Quinton van Zyl

HarpoonHQ’s Harpoon3 DB2000 Database

There are many people who deserve our thanks for their help and support building the DB2000 database.

We are indebted to Mr. Jon Reimer and Mr. Richard Rogers for developing their MS Access Database Editors. All database additions/changes made after April 1999 have been made with these editors.

We would like to thank Gary Paulwell for providing us with tons and tons of accurate information on military platforms, and for helping us develop the new sonar model.

We would also like to thank Oliver Einhaeuser, Darrel Dearing, Pete, Kelly, Daryl Burke, Jens Meyer, Peter Grining, Terje Askvik and Kirk Martin and all members on the Harpoon forums and mailing lists for their help and support developing the new sonar model.

All members of the Harpooner’s Point forum, the Wardroom Harpoon Discussion Mail List, H.U.L.L, Convergence Zone and the Teleport lists. Without your support and help these projects would not had been possible.

Alex, Andres Asenjo, Gianni Bartoli, Klaus Behrmann, Martin Björnström, Eric Bohley, Paul Bridge, Angelo M. Buongiovanni, Clint Chastain, Ruud Deurenberg, Dimitris Dranidis, Chris Elliott, Peter Ericson, ET, Jay Gibbs, Daniel Hayes, Steve Hellyar, Dale Hiller, Tom Herron, Andrew James, JC, Jeff Jones, JIVA, Chris Kakris, Drew Lewis, Jeff Loshaw, Joseph Lukacs, Scott Malensek, Marcelo Machaczko, Stephen Mills, Mike Mykytyn, Mark Olivares, Sebastian Palm, Jim Patrick, Kevin Peltz, Marcelo Pozzo, Kirk Martin, Ralf, Ken Rehor, Jon Reimer, Luigi Varriale, Bill Williams, Sheeren Zaidi, Jarek Zgoda, Quinton van Zyl who contributed their knowledge to improve the database and scenarios.


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Larry Bond and Chris Carlson for making Harpoon possible.


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