First Mi-28N helos delivered

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Better very late than never, perhaps.

Towed decoys

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ELP has a comment on the progress of towed decoys.

Tungsten also toxic?

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This could get ugly….

Tungsten was introduced to weaponry as an alternative to depleted uranium, or DU — itself an alleged toxin.
But scientists later learned that embedded tungsten alloy fragments can cause tumors.

So what do you do if both DU and its supposed eco & health-friendly replacement turn out to both be toxic?

We may end up in a situation where neither depleted uranium nor the only known alternative are politically acceptable. Heavy metal penetrators are an essential tool of modern armored warfare. What is needed is a new material entirely, and that is going to be quite a challenge from a physics and engineering point of view. And then it will need to be proven safe, which may take quite a while.

The info-war continues

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Websites, radio and TV… the information battlefield is vast and fluid.

Pentagon planners are reportedly working to jam some of the over 150 illegal radio stations that operate along Pakistan’s ungoverned Northwest border region, making the airwaves a battlefield in the war to undercut the Taliban’s political base. In a region where literacy and development are sorely lacking, radio is a cheap, accessible media format — making it a popular source of news and entertainment.

From Wired’s Danger Room.

US testing Spike mini-missile

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The miniaturization race continues

The U.S. military says it is moving ahead with tests of a 5-pound guided missile the size of a loaf of French bread.
Military researchers are also preparing to test the 2-foot-long Spike missile, which is about one-fourth the size of the world’s previous smallest missile, The Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

A fully self-guided weapon smaller than a LAW shot… not bad.

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