Rafale carrier ops

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Via ELP.

USN cancels ASDS mini-sub

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minisub Via Kobus:

The U.S. Special Operations Command has canceled its mini-submarine program, a project designed to deliver Navy commando s close to their target and protect them on the way.

Northrop Grumman’s Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) hit numerous hurdles since it was conceived in the late 1990s. The latest, in November, was a fire that burned for six hours while the sub’s batteries were charging at a Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, shipyard.

How the F-22 was axed

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images Politics as usual. A rather self-patting recount by the very newspaper that contributed to the result with its reporting of alleged RAM problems:

It was a dogfight almost to the end over $1.75 billion and the need to remake military readiness. Threats and promises, blunt talk and grand gestures — all were deployed to support an appeal to common sense and for urgent change, according to principals involved. The White House coordinated the ultimately successful vote-wrangling, and its specific tactics may show up again in another epic battle now unfolding: getting Congress to draft and pass health-care reform.

J-10B photos

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Via G2 Solutions.



IMINT & Analysis: Ukrainian SAM network

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UKRTOTALCOVERAGESOC has a new analysis on the Ukrainian EW/GCI & SAM infrastructure, a very thick-layered system inherited from the Cold War:

Many individuals may be suprised to know the identity of the largest and most capable SAM network in Europe outside of Russia. The distinction goes to the Ukraine, the inheritor of numerous legacy Soviet SAM systems and facilities after the fall of the USSR. More importantly, many of these systems were top of the line during the 1980s, providing a very solid technology base on which the Ukraine would be able to rely going towards and into the 21st century.

As usual, Sean’s article gets top points for coverage and thoroughness; a definite first-class source for scenarios & OOBs.

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