Command series Downloads

Community Scenario Pack

A selection of scenarios made by the Command community, this pack is your one-stop source for adding even more scenarios to your Command experience!


How to use: Unzip the file in your \Scenarios\Community folder (create it if it does not exist).

Tacview Add-ons

Sentinel-2 textures : These texture tiles are based on CMO’s Sentinel-2 imagery. To use them, download the desired tiles and place them in this folder: [CMO]\Resources\Tacview\Data\Terrain\Textures .

NOTE #1: The texture files use WebP format to conserve space. This format is supported in Tacview only from v1.8.3 onwards. Make sure you have updated your Tacview installation to at least this version before using these files.
NOTE #2: Usage of these textures is permitted _only for use with CMO_. Do not use them in consort with any other product.
NOTE #3:
Please download only the files you actually need for your theater of interest. DO NOT just batch-grab everything, as bandwidth is limited. If you try to download and receive a “bandwidth exceeded” message, it means someone else ignored this instruction. Be sure to thank them.

SRTM30Plus terrain: This adds terrain elevation data to Tacview which closely matches the default terrain used by CMO. This helps to reduce disparities in terrain elevation between CMO’s simulation and Tacview’s visualization (e.g. ground units “hanging in mid-air”). To use this, download the desired tiles and place them in the following folder: [CMO]\Resources\Tacview\Data\Terrain\SRTM30 . NOTE: This requires Tacview v1.8.1 or newer.


Database Images & Descriptions Add-ons

04 July 2024 release


Secondary Images


How to use: If you purchased via Matrix please unzip to the [Command]\DB\Images folder. If purchased by Steam please unzip to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Command Modern Operations\DB\Images folder. If you’ve chosen custom location for an install you’ll have to find the Command/DB/Images folders accordingly.

Credits: stormridersp, fab94, renders, alkiap, sstrong, RoyHarper, Runibl, bradinggs, CV60, Meroka37, conforoa, OldPascas, Pukeko, SilentHunter, snowburn, baskreuger, Henry Morgan, Dobey, fool12342000, Papa_Hausser, incredibletwo, apd1004, Dobey, Barny, Galilchan, frosen, scottb613, RafaleKiwi; Korvar, MR_BURNS2, Jan Masterson, Nutworld, kgambit, tebe-interesno, Skjold, Schr75