Command LIVE #2 launched: You Brexit, You Fix It!

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Available now on MatrixGames and Steam!

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Baltic brawls, carrier clashes and nuclear air wings: Thirteen new Command scenarios available

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JSFMiguel Molina has released the updated version of the Command community scenario pack. The new release includes thirteen brand-new scenarios:

  • Big Fish In The Baltic, 1971: In recent days tensions have soared between Sweden and the Soviet Union and its allies due to an incident where a naval skirmish took place in international waters resulting in the sinking of several ships on both sides. Swedish intelligence now suggests that the East German navy is trying to launch a surprise naval attack on Gotland. The Swedish navy has been effectively blockaded by swarms of missile boats in the Southern Baltic, so the air force alone has to blunt the incoming onslaught.
  • The Bear And The Dragon, 2023: Relations have broken down between China and Russia, and now a Chinese amphibious task force moves to capture Vladivostok. But they will have to run a gauntlet of Russian submarines and bombers to do so.
  • Northern Fury #11.1 – Vagar Vengeance, 1994: Strike Fleet Atlantic is now conducting its first major counter-attack. The 1st phase was the softening up of Soviet defences on Iceland which has taken place over the past several days. Now as a preliminary move to the retaking of Iceland, the Faroe Island chain must be secured with a primary focus of the Vagar island airport.  You are the Commander of TG Invincible and supported by the French carrier Clemenceau, surface, subsurface and amphibious forces as well as land based air elements. Your task is to unhinge the Soviet defences, protect reinforcing airborne operations and clear the defenders out of the Faroe Islands, all while protecting civilian infrastructure and preserving your force. The Soviets however, have other ideas.
  • Breaking Bad, 2015: In a shocking turn of events, the CIA has confirmed that Iran has turned its allegiance towards AQAP and supplying the terrorist group with money, arms and training. The Yemeni Civil War could turn for the worst as Iran attempts to fight a proxy war against the US and gain control of the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Red Sea. The US president, going against the wishes of his civilian advisers, puts his trust into his military advisers and begins to put boots on the ground in Yemen.
  • The Akusekijima Conflict, 2019: A variety of factors (crop failures caused by global warming, collapse of fish populations due to overfishing, etc.) have resulted in Chinese fishing boats violating Japanese fisheries on an increasing basis.  Japan has protested this behavior but Chinese officials have ignored it.  In addition, Japan’s increasingly aggressive rhetoric about the issue has created tensions between the two countries. China has become less and less willing to tolerate even lawful actions by the Japanese when it involves their citizens.
  • The Seventh Battle, 1992: In this unofficial sequel to Barret Tillman’s famous “Sixth Battle”, a shaky cease fire has been established off the coast of South Africa due to the presence of other countries joining the fight against the Soviet alliance, such as British subs and the French Indian Ocean Squadron, as well as the arrival of the USS Eisenhower CVBG. But the cease fire is now collapsing, and the seventh battle between carrier groups is about to commence.
  • Ruby Slipper, 2016: North Korea is plunged into civil war, with the Kim regime (covertly supported by China) fighting for its survival against the so-called “Democratic Workers Party” (dissident elements supported by Russia). Russian intelligence suggest that the Kim regime, desperate to hold on to power, is preparing to use its cache of nuclear weapons against both rebel and Russian forces – and the PRC intends to help. Russia mobilizes to prevent this outcome.
  • Peeling The Onion, 1957: You are Commander, 308th Bombardment Wing, Strategic Air Command equipped with B-47E medium bombers and normally based at Hunter Air Force Base (AFB), outside Savannah, GA. You are also the current OP REFLEX Commander on temporary duty at Sidi Slimane AFB in French Morocco and in the event of war will be responsible to conduct nuclear strikes against the Soviet Union out of the SAC forward bases. Hostilities with the Soviet Union have not commenced but if they do, your mission will be to attack Soviet industrial targets starting in southern Russia on the Black Sea coast. War could be just hours away…
  • Standoff-21, 2019: With Argentina once again attempting to take the Falklands, the UK resorts to a standoff bombardment in a repeat of the legendary “Black Buck” raids of 1982. The never-was Nimrod MRA4 makes its combat debut in this scenario.
  • Red Iceland, 1980: After the financial crash of 1979 the people of Iceland protested the presence of NATO forces on their home island as a base, effectively turning it into a nuclear target for the USSR. After violent demonstrations and the Icelandic government resigning, NATO agreed to leave the island on the condition that the island remain a de-militarized zone. The Soviets saw an opportunity in this, and with the help of infiltrators and what was presumed to be Spetsnaz units power was taken via a coup d’état by the Communist Party of Iceland. The Soviets maintain that they have only deployed a token force to the island in May, 1980 to “maintain the integrity of the Icelandic government” but this was clearly in violation to the agreement priory reached. More Soviet convoys are headed to Iceland, some of them even loaded with medium range nuclear ballistic missiles; these must be stopped at any cost.
  • Northern Fury #10.5 – Sweep Up, 1994: The US 2nd Fleet is now entering the final phase of its first major counter-attack. A ceaseless combination of bomber and carrier borne attacks over the past 60 hours has reduced the defences on Iceland significantly! Now all that is left is the task of sweeping up the last few targets and preparing the ground for the amphibious assault by the Marines tomorrow. If you have learned anything this past week however; nothing is simple.
  • Caribbean Fury #1 – Hot Tamales, 1994: You are commanding the USS John F. Kennedy CVBG on routine patrol in the Caribbean. Although homeport is Norfolk Virginia, the Battle Group has been operating out of New Orleans Louisiana for most of the past year due to the increased tensions in Central America. The air wing (CVW-7) has just completed 4 days of intense training with the Army up at Fort Hood, and you now heading to Roosevelt Roads Puerto Ricco for some ASW and ASuW work.
  • Merry Christmas, 1998: This scenario is a fictional engagement between the Australian Commonwealth, US, Malaysian Forces and a fast moving Indonesian coup. The coup has arrayed two prongs you will to blunt, one, an outgoing invasion fleet and two, a bustling Naval Base supporting the invasion of a neighbor island.  They are not mutually exclusive problems, both need to be destroyed.  In addition, various other disconnected issues will need to be dealt with, from minesweeping to area defense.

As always, the community scenario pack is available for download from the Command downloads page: . The scenarios are also available individually for download on the Command workshop on Steam.