Salty Farnborough: Matrix Pro Sims and Command PE at CNE 2023

May 27, 2023 · Posted in Command PE · Comment 

At the Combined Naval Event 2023 at the Farnborough International Exhibition Center, Matrix Pro Sims exhibited Command Professional Edition and the upcoming Modern Naval Warfare. These two products provide a commercial off-the-shelf solution to analyzing tactical and strategic problems in both a surface and submarine environment.

Command PE provides a strategic view of air, naval, and ground combat in a combined package that allows existing and emerging technologies to be showcased and studied in a virtual environment.

Modern Naval Warfare simulates the interior of a Virginia class submarine in a VR environment. Both command and crew stations are modeled, allowing for team training at various stations throughout the submarine.

CEO Ian McNeil of Matrix Pro Sims gave a presentation on the value of digital twins in modeling equipment in a combat environment, and the potential this provides in empowering personnel and improving their interoperability.