Salty Farnborough: Matrix Pro Sims and Command PE at CNE 2023

May 27, 2023 · Posted in Command PE 

At the Combined Naval Event 2023 at the Farnborough International Exhibition Center, Matrix Pro Sims exhibited Command Professional Edition and the upcoming Modern Naval Warfare. These two products provide a commercial off-the-shelf solution to analyzing tactical and strategic problems in both a surface and submarine environment.

Command PE provides a strategic view of air, naval, and ground combat in a combined package that allows existing and emerging technologies to be showcased and studied in a virtual environment.

Modern Naval Warfare simulates the interior of a Virginia class submarine in a VR environment. Both command and crew stations are modeled, allowing for team training at various stations throughout the submarine.

CEO Ian McNeil of Matrix Pro Sims gave a presentation on the value of digital twins in modeling equipment in a combat environment, and the potential this provides in empowering personnel and improving their interoperability.


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