Countdown to v1: Final beta rolling, and product page at Matrix

July 10, 2013 · Posted in Command · Comment 

MG_CMANO_Materials_Box_3D_300dpiCouple of biggie events the last few days on the road to v1 release.

First, the final round of pre-v1 beta has been announced by Matrix:

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations models modern air and naval operations in extreme detail. It covers the period stretching from post-WW2 all the way to the modern day and even the near future at the tactical and operation scale. Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations aims to set a new benchmark for depth and realism in a wargame, with its careful treatment of aircraft, surface ships, and submarines, satellite technology, covering many historic and hypothetical conflicts. It also comes complete with an integrated scenario editor.
This great game is at the point where it now needs a dedicated group of Beta Testers! If you are interested in this game, visit the official Matrix Games Beta Tester Page and sign in!

Second, Matrix has opened the product page for Command on their site. See it here. No pre-orders yet but this should be possible at some point later. We will soon be updating our own page with the new info.

And the march to v1 continues.