Sites we like…


Grognard Wargames: A forum that supports professional military games (Harpoon, TacOps, Decisive Action etc.) and assists players in finding opponents, sharing strategies and general game discussion.

DASH ASW Weapons Platform This is a great site showing the development of the DASH ,also good links on site to FRAM Destroyer conversions.

GUPPY Class Submarines This site is a tribute to the United States Guppy Submarines. A class of submarine that “Held the Line” during the cold war.

Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles The Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles presents concise information about all missiles and rockets, which have received a numerical designation in the DOD’s joint Designation System for Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles since 27 June 1963.

Russian Warrior Sword of the Motherland is devoted to the study of the Russian military throughout various periods of history

Post-War Royal Navy Warships The title says it all.

Haze-Gray The Grey Funnel Line by Haze-Gray.

Thunder and Lightnings A site with history and specs on post-war RAF and RN aircraft.

US Military Aircraft A great site on US Military aircraft by Joe Baugher.

Britains Small Wars Dedicated to the Men and Women who served in Forgotten conflicts India, Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Suez Canal Zone, Kenya, Cyprus, Suez 1956, Borneo, Vietnam, Aden, Radfan, Oman, Dhofar, Northern Ireland, the Falklands War, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and many more conflicts.

The Air Combat Infomation Group A great source of infomation on Air Combat from post WW2 to present day including conflicts,aircraft specs and stats etc.


US Navy Carrier Deployments & Air Wings 1965-1979

US Gearing Class Group Variants