The new age of air/naval wargaming has a new name

April 4, 2011 · Posted in Command · Comment 

ATHENS, Greece – The WarfareSims crew announced today that their revolutionary new air/naval wargame under development, formerly known as Project: Red Pill, is now titled Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. The new title won the first place in the “Rename the Red Pill” contest hosted at the Armchair General forums.

Command’s head of QA & Testing Michael Mykytyn commented: “The contest was an overwhelming success and the title selected reflects this. It has been great to have the community really affect the game’s development and direction and we hope to do even more of that in the future. Command has amazing potential and with the community’s help we are realizing it day by day.”

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is a comprehensive wargame of air & naval military operations from post-WW2 to the near future, covering scenarios of both total-war and low-intensity/other-than-war situations. Players are able to control forces above, on and below the surface and test their mettle against the computer or another player, in situations ranging from conflicts straight out of the news headlines to classic historical and what-if scenarios.
Some of Command’s features include:

  • Powerful, intuitive 3D-globe (Google Earth-style) user interface with multiple map layers
  • Aircraft, surface ships, submarines, land units, strategic & space forces are at your disposal
  • Extensive, detailed simulation databases modeling faithfully the capabilities & limitations of each asset
  • Plenty of scenarios covering multiple historic and hypothetical conflicts, plus an integrated scenario editor
  • Tremendous flexibility of scale: From counter-piracy skirmishes to strategic nuclear war
  • Detailed modeling of air (including near-space) and naval operations, both surface and underwater, supported by high-quality physics, sensor/EW, terrain and weather, weapon and damage models
  • Good modeling of land-based forces (relevant to air/naval/space operations)
  • Mine and mine-countermeasure operations
  • Nuclear operations (possibly other special-weapon categories)
  • Single- and multi-player modes
  • Recorder & replay ability

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