Community scenario pack updated – 12 new Command scenarios!

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Miguel Molina has updated the Command community scenario pack with a new release!
The pack includes 12 brand-new scenarios:


You can download the new scenario pack HERE.

With this release, the total number of scenarios (official + community) publicly available for Command is now 86!

New Command scenario: The Lobster War

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Database – CWDB
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

Brazil vs. France
Date/Time: 3rd May, 1962 / 12:00:00 Zulu
Location: Brazilian coast
Playable Sides: Brazil

In 1961 a conflict on lobster fishing in the Pernambuco Brazilian state coast between French fishermen turned out in French Navy sending the destroyer Tartu to the area with the mission of escorting the fishermen; the Brazilian Navy dispatched some ships to repel the French destroyer, later the Brazilian navy apprehended the French vessel Cassiopée off the Brazilian coast on 2 January 1962.

The so called ‘Lobster War’ was taken to International Courts.

This scenario is a ‘What-If’, the conflict turned out into an armed conflict.

To Cmdr Brazilian forces

French navy has sent a carrier group to enforce the exclusion zone around their fishermen, use all available assets to repel this aggression to our territorial waters, if the enemy losses are relevant they will probably leave the area.

There is no civil shipping transiting the area of conflict, all vessels have change their path to avoid it.

Good luck!

New Command scenario: Red Episodes – No Sandbox No Joy

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Database – DB3000
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

This is the fourth scenario in a series of little scenarios based on hypothetical WWIII  between WP and NATO.

All these scenarios are small and playable from Soviet side only.

From : HQ Red Banner

To: Cmdr Kiev Group

MPAs have reported a small enemy surface group including a carrier and four escorts in your ops area, this group is heading to your returning path to home. Try to avoid contact with it and engage only if necessary.

We know that due to your support mission in Iceland attack the SSM loadout aboard TAKR Kiev is exhausted, so you need to relay only on escorts SSMs and your aircraft to repel any enemy attack.

Make your best to return back home save Comrade.

New Command scenario: Sawfish and the Shower Posse

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Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis 

The Shower Posse, one of the most powerful criminal gangs in Jamaica, is known for having caused significant civil unrest in 2010 when one of its leaders was extradited to America.

This scenario assumes that one of the gang’s leaders decided to try to avoid capture by leaving Jamaica and hiding in the Dominican Republic. This, however, provided the United States with an opportunity to employ the United States Coast Guard (working with the permission of various Caribbean governments) to apprehend him.

(Historically, the Shower Posse gang was involved in smuggling not only drugs but also weapons. The origin of the name “Shower Posse” is not known. One theory is that it refers to the gang’s willingness to “shower” enemies with bullets.)


ATTN: Commanding Officer, USCG Thetis

We have reason to believe that the leaders of the Shower Posse gang are fleeing Jamaica and intending to hide in the Dominican Republic.


Since 2009, the United States has demanded the extradiction of leaders of the Shower Posse gang. Jamaica has finally agreed to our request, but the delay involved in reviewing American legal processes has given the gang leaders time to prepare to leave the country.


The Shower Posse gang members are using a fishing boat to travel from Jamaica to the Dominican Republic. They should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. In addition to small arms, it is very possible that they have purchased some military grade weaponry through the black market.


Your task force consists of USCG vessels Thetis and Sawfish.


Locate and intercept the boat being used by the Shower Posse. If they do not surrender, you are cleared to fire on their vessel and sink it.


Concentrate your search on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. We have reliable reports that your quarry will try to enter the country somewhere near Mantanzas.


Command: Thetis
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.

New Command scenario: Oyashio on Patrol

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Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis

This scenario is a simple patrol mission involving a Japanese submarine moving through North Korean waters to gather intelligence.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Oyashio

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION FIRE WORM.


Intelligence chatter recently intercepted by the Americans suggests the North Koreans may be planning some kind of military operation. Our government wishes to learn more about the situation so that we can plan accordingly.


North Korean naval vessels and submarines will be on patrol in your area.


Your forces consist of your submarine.


  1. Move to periscope depth and proceed to the patrol area northeast of Wonsan marked on your tactical map. Gather information on activity in and near these waters until the intelligence officer aboard your submarine informs you that you have completed your survey.

  2. Proceed to the patrol area southeast of Kalma marked on your tactical map. Once at the second patrol area, return to periscope depth. Gather information on activities in and near these waters until the intellignece officer aboard your submarine informs you that you have completed your survey.

  3. Proceed to the rendevous point in international waters marked on your tactical map.


If feasible, gather information about North Korean coastal installations and North Korean vessels operating in your patrol area.

Avoid detection. Your mission will take you inside North Korean territorial waters. The North Koreans are unlikely to react well if you are discovered. They are making the usual threats about “dire consequences” to any nation that violates their territorial waters.

You may descend below periscope depth during your transit to the two survey areas and once you are on your way to the rendevous point. You may briefly descend below periscope depth in the survey areas if it will allow you avoid detection.

Be aware that even neutral commercial vessels in North Korean waters are likely to report your position to the North Korean Navy if they spot you.

Do not abandon your mission unless you believe you are in danger of destruction.

Do not under any circumstances initiate hostilities with North Korean forces. You may return fire if and only if you are under attack.


Command: Oyashio
Signal: EMCON State A (No Emissions)

Good luck.

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