New Command scenario: Oyashio on Patrol

February 11, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis

This scenario is a simple patrol mission involving a Japanese submarine moving through North Korean waters to gather intelligence.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Oyashio

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION FIRE WORM.


Intelligence chatter recently intercepted by the Americans suggests the North Koreans may be planning some kind of military operation. Our government wishes to learn more about the situation so that we can plan accordingly.


North Korean naval vessels and submarines will be on patrol in your area.


Your forces consist of your submarine.


  1. Move to periscope depth and proceed to the patrol area northeast of Wonsan marked on your tactical map. Gather information on activity in and near these waters until the intelligence officer aboard your submarine informs you that you have completed your survey.

  2. Proceed to the patrol area southeast of Kalma marked on your tactical map. Once at the second patrol area, return to periscope depth. Gather information on activities in and near these waters until the intellignece officer aboard your submarine informs you that you have completed your survey.

  3. Proceed to the rendevous point in international waters marked on your tactical map.


If feasible, gather information about North Korean coastal installations and North Korean vessels operating in your patrol area.

Avoid detection. Your mission will take you inside North Korean territorial waters. The North Koreans are unlikely to react well if you are discovered. They are making the usual threats about “dire consequences” to any nation that violates their territorial waters.

You may descend below periscope depth during your transit to the two survey areas and once you are on your way to the rendevous point. You may briefly descend below periscope depth in the survey areas if it will allow you avoid detection.

Be aware that even neutral commercial vessels in North Korean waters are likely to report your position to the North Korean Navy if they spot you.

Do not abandon your mission unless you believe you are in danger of destruction.

Do not under any circumstances initiate hostilities with North Korean forces. You may return fire if and only if you are under attack.


Command: Oyashio
Signal: EMCON State A (No Emissions)

Good luck.


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