New horizons: Command Modern Operations v1.01 update now available

January 23, 2020 · Posted in Command · Comment 

Most good things take their time and this one certainly did, but now it’s out: Command v1.01 (Build 1121.6) is now available, both on MatrixGames and Steam. See the full release notes HERE. This update consolidates all public beta releases since the last official patch (B1115.8), and adds a few more tweaks and improvements as well as a major database update.

Arguably the biggest new feature is proper Fog-of-War for the Tacview 3D view, as this was by far the most popular post-release request by players. Other highlights include:

  • The loading and display of map tiles has been significantly sped up
  • Another popular request: configurable volume for game sounds and music
  • Numerous simulation speed improvements
  • Very large scenarios can be played with much lower chance of memory exhaustion
  • 15x time compression option has been added
  • The “detached message log steals key-focus from main map” problem has been resolved
  • Clicking on units in the mission editor automatically centers the map on them
  • The default “start looking for tankers” fuel threshold has been changed from 60% to 30% (This helps with cases where aircraft nearing their strike targets abruptly turn back and start looking for a suitable tanker to refuel)
  • Improvements in ABM guidance logic
  • The LOS-tool calculations are slightly less punishing on the UI (and the rest of the computer, really).
  • Updated versions of the various DLC battlesets
  • Updated database images and descriptions files
  • New 3D models for Tacview
  • A crapload of new additions in the latest DB release

Select members of the dev team are already packing their bags for the upcoming Command PE users conference in Farnborough, UK, so expect a slightly reduced tempo until the start of February.  If you are in the area, drop us a note! We’ll be glad to share a pint and give you a glimpse of the amazing things on the horizon.

And as a reminder: The CMO discount for existing CMANO owners ends in a week; so hurry!