Harpoon3.6 1937 – 1949 (WW2) Database & Scenarios

IMPORTANT NOTE: All further work on the commercial versions of computer Harpoon was suspended in mid-2013 after more than two decades. The guys behind HarpoonHQ (now WarfareSims) saw the signs of Computer Harpoon’s collapse as early as 2006 and started developing our own simulator named Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations which was released in September 2013. Since the owners of WarfareSims have been avid Harpoon fans since the late 1980s / early 1990s, we decided (on popular demand) to keep some of the Harpoon material on our new site even though we’ve now scratch-built our own product that is not related with the Harpoon franchise. The material is provided as-is and is no longer supported. WarfareSims’ time and energy is now devoted to continued development & enhancement of Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations which has similar focus as Harpoon but with a much more pronounced balance between air and naval operations.

The 1937-1949 Database

For full downloads, including the photo annexes, you can visit the Yahoo WWII scenario & database support group here for the latest filesets.

Download DB1945 v3.7.1 Database for Harpoon3.6
updated 3 April 2007


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If you’re new to Harpoon3, please visit the Getting Started Section for information on how to set up the database and scenarios. Due to all the bugs and weird behaviour in version 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 we strongly recommend that you use version 3.6 of the game.

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Standalone Scenarios

[Harpoon 3.6]
Georgia Knights
Date/Time: July 1943 Size/Duration:
Location: Solomon Islands Playable sides: US
Type: ASuW
In July of 1943 fighting in the Solomons rages on with US forces pushing into the New Georgia area of operations. The United States has learned much since the bloody campaign at Guadalcanal and forces stand ready to stem the flow of supplies via the midnights run of the Tokyo Express. MTB Ron 10 has been forward deployed and stands ready for action against the IJN. Can these mighty midgets make the difference?
Mike Mykytyn
[Harpoon 3.6]
Test scenario #1
Date/Time: 1 November 1940 Size/Duration:
Location: North Sea Playable sides: UK, Germany
Type: AAW
This is a late production test scenario looking at bomber behaviour against defended heavy ground targets. Around sixty British bombers will operate at night in this light raid.
Tom Herron
[Harpoon 3.6]
Test scenario #2
Date/Time: Early in the war Size/Duration:
Location: Okinava Playable sides: US, Japan
Type: AAW, ASuW, ASW
Choose from a number of positions/sides to observe performance and loss rates amongst inter-war and early war units from Japan, China Russia and the United States.
Tom Herron