Community Scenario Pack #46: 18 new, 8 updated, 568 total!

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Following the release of the Showcase: Queen Elizabeth DLC, the Community Scenario Pack (CSP) is due for another refresh. Brandon Johnson (Kushan) has updated the pack to version #46, with updates & refreshes to 8 existing scenarios, as well as 18 brand-new creations. Let’s take a look:

Arctic Tsunami, 2019: Hypothetical engagement between NATO and Russia in the Nord Kapp, Norway and Norwegian Sea area. NATO is slightly out of position with Russia having the advantage of concentration of force.

Baltic Fury 4 – Ride of the Valkyries, 1994: You are the commander the Soviet 15th Air Army. Your formation has deployed forward into advanced bases in Poland and has been resting for the past four days. With reinforcements you are tasked to conduct offensive strikes into Denmark in order to gain air and sea superiority over Jutland.

Baltic Fury 5 – Ivan’s March Across the Belts, 1994: This is the fifth and last scenario of the Baltic Fury campaign, and critical to the Northern Fury operations. You are the commander the Soviet 38th Guards Airborne Corps. Your light brigades and the Polish forces are to secure a corridor to Jutland. In a move similar to King Charles Gustav’s March across the Belts in 1658, you will rapidly seize a series of key points across the Great and Little Belts of the Danish Archipelago, allowing your two Airborne Divisions to concentrate on seizing the neck of Jutland while ensuring safe passage of your MRD to offloading ports on the mainland. Your deputy handed you a pirated copy of the film A Bridge Too Far as he departed your HQ for the final time. His protests had apparently attracted too much attention from the Zampolit.

Bear Island, 2022: BeirutDude’s final scenario for CMO. Your mission is simple, using your amphibious forces, take back Bear Island. Everything else is there to support that goal.

France Goes to Conakry, 1984: This scenario assumes that, shortly before the 1984 coup that took place in Guinea, both France and the Soviet Union moved forces into the area. Soviet intentions are unclear, but France is determined to protect the interests of its former colony.

Giving Some Hell to Harry, 2022: NATO responded with significant support to the Ukraine after massive Russian forces struck into the Donbass region. In response Putin launched attacks into the Baltic States and NATO honored its Article Five responsibilities. Carrier Strike Group Eight is in the Central Gulf of Mexico and was ordered to move west to neutralize the Russian bases and Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) in Syria. All that sits between them, and the eastern Med is the brand-new Russian Project 885M Yasen-M Class nuclear submarine Kazan (K-561).

Indian Fury 6 – Into the Breach, 1994: You’re commanding CTF 154 centered on the USS Saratoga CVBG and other forces in the Persian Gulf region. Your primary task is to transit the Straits of Hormuz in an effort to impress Saudi Arabia to commit to the conflict on our side. However, a critical secondary task is to ensure the safety of a major oil convoy heading to Europe, and of course tie down Soviet and Soviet aligned forces (primarily Iran) so they cannot interfere in other theatres. Finally, you must do all of this, while preventing the spread of the war and remaining disengaged from the parallel India/Pakistan conflict that is now raging.

Indian Fury 7 – Deep Strike, 1994: You are commanding the 366th Expeditionary Fighter Wing which is a unique organization in the USAF. You flew into Cairo about ten days ago and have been conducting missions in the Eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea areas since then. Tonight, is something different. This morning you had a phone call from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, not something you expected. Apparently, the Soviets have been helping the Iranians with their nuclear program and the Israelis are more than a little uptight. Since Washington wants to keep Israel from acting independently and causing all sorts of problems with our Arab allies, we have been given a new tasking.

Iran Strike, 2022: In May 2022 Iran announced it would not sign any international agreement that limits its nuclear program and that it would begin developing nuclear weapons. Across the middle east contingency plans for such an event were about to be put into action. This scenario is designed as a sandbox to see what an Israeli, US, or combined strike on Iran might look like

NFZ Baltic; NFZ Med; NFZ Nordkapp; NFZ Pacific, 2022: Four-part scenario series where the NAC (North Atlantic Council), or political arm of NATO is debating the implementation of a No-fly Zone (NFZ) over Ukraine. Despite advice from military leaders that this will likely initiate a world war, several impassioned pleas by the Ukrainian President and the support of some NATO leaders may sway the vote.

Sudan Strike, 2025: In 2022 after a change in leadership caused by the 2021 coup and its aftershocks, and after a long series of negotiations, Sudan and Russia finally signed an agreement for the establishment of a Russian naval base at Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast. In May 2025 a small incident on the Korean peninsula has spiraled out of control into a global conflict. It was decided to give the Sudanese government an ultimatum to expel all Russian personnel. The Sudanese government has chosen to not accept any of the terms of the ultimatum. It has been decided to use military force to destroy the Russian base and any Sudanese forces that interfere.

Taiwan Straits, 2022: The PLAAF and PLA(N)AF are ordered to initiate the largest test of the Taiwan Area ADIZ to date. Hundreds of aircraft will be launched to test the Taiwanese resolve, including PLA(N)AF H-6G’s circumnavigating the Island from both the north and south.

The Battle of Al Khor, 1995: In 1995, there was a bloodless coup in Qatar. This scenario assumes that the military in Qatar was divided in its loyalties and the two factions fought for supremacy in the air and on the sea. Saudi Arabia is offering assistance to the faction loyal to the government at the time of the coup.

The Convoy, Ukraine, 2022: What if NATO actually put together a rapidly developed operation only using NATO airbases and aircraft in the Ukraine?

Vlakke Hoek, 1962: The battle of Vlakke Hoek was a naval engagement that took place on January 15th, 1962 during the West New Guinea (or West Irian) crisis between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

The new community scenario pack is, as always, available for download at the Command Team site: , and also on the Steam workshop.

The CSP now proudly counts 568 scenarios in its stable!

Command Showcase: Queen Elizabeth is released

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