Mine Warfare in Command – Part III: Mine-hunting

October 8, 2012 · Posted in Command · Comment 

It has been a very busy time of the year for the WarfareSims crew; forming up a company, finalizing a publishing agreement for Command, setting up social media channels and working intensely on the v1 features set has meant a prolonged period of almost all work and no play. However we do not forget our regular media presentations, and the time has come to conclude our comprehensive video series on mine warfare in Command.

We previously demonstrated how mines are laid in Command and how players can use purpose-built ship and helicopter assets to sweep them. We also mentioned that often sweeping is not enough; advancing technology has made many mine types very difficult to sweep successfully, and certain mine fuse types are sweep-proof altogether. Much too often, mines must be hunted down and neutralized one by one – a slow, tedious and dangerous  process that is nevertheless becoming increasingly necessary.

(as always, best viewed in full-screen HD)

In this video, Mike presents a typical mine-hunting scenario taking place inside the Persian Gulf. The Scout and Gladiator, two Avenger-class MCM vessels team up with The Sullivans, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and the Canadian frigate Halifax. The Avengers are the main mine-hunting force while the warships are screening them against any attacks. To hunt the mines, the Avengers are carrying SLQ-48 and Remus-600 tethered remote-operated vehicles (ROVs); these undertake the brunt of the mine neutralization process so that the ships stay (mostly) out of harm’s way. The Sullivans is also aiding the mine search by carrying and deploying a WLD-1 autonomous ROV.

At some point during the mine hunt, the force has to deal with some surprises. Things don’t always go as planned…