Red Pill October ‘10 update

October 5, 2010 · Posted in Command · Comment 

st68_jam.bigIt has been 2 months since the last screenshot batch and we thought about providing a short update on the progress as of late.

Build 98 was released to the internal testers this Sunday. We will shortly be celebrating the 100th build mark with a little something (suggestions welcome).

The new OECM model is coming together very well. It is fast, it accurately models the effects of jamming on both search/track and illumination radars (as well as its limitations), and it lends itself nicely to AI employment. We originally planned to have a new round of screenshots published showcasing it, but some of the UI & AI items we wish to have included are not yet fully implemented so a visual depiction would not be revealing much. We will definitely demonstrate it at some point though.

You can now use satellite overlays automatically; our first such layer is Virtual Earth but we hope to incorporate others as well.

We are currently working on Scenario Goals, the Red Pill equivalent of H3’s Victory Conditions. SGs share some similarities with VCs (including the ability to fine-tune the selection of affected units), but they are a lot more flexible in their structure and allow for some unique objective combinations. We are strongly investigating non-kinetic SGs (for example an objective may be to hold a target track for X time) and we hope to be able to add them to available SG types.

You should soon see a new "special" feature that will hopefully shed more light on the origins of Red Pill, and particularly on our design philosophy and priorities.