Community Scenario Pack #45: 21 new, 24 updated, 550 total!

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Hot on the heels of Red Tide and the accompanying v1.04 update, it’s now the turn of another Command staple, the Community Scenario Pack (CSP). Brandon Johnson (Kushan) has updated the pack to version #45, with updates & refreshes to 24 existing scenarios, as well as 21 brand-new creations. Let’s take a look:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 2024: The 572 islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands were taking on increasing strategic importance in the early portion of the Twenty-first Century. The northernmost part of the archipelago is a mere 22 nautical miles away from (a PRC friendly) Myanmar, and Indira Point, the southernmost point in the islands, is only 90 nautical miles from Indonesia. These islands dominate the Bay of Bengal and the Six Degree and Ten Degree channels through which more than 60,000 commercial vessels traverse each year!

As commander of the PLA(N) forces you are tasked with taking Great Nicobar Island by amphibious operation. Your carriers are to support the amphibious operations and if necessary, engage Indian naval forces. You will have support from H-6K “God of War” Badgers and AEW aircraft, deployed to southern China and allowed to overfly Myanmar.

Baltic Fury 3 – Warsaw Uprising, 2024: Over the past five days the air and sea fight in the central and western Baltic has been withering. Casualties have been high with huge stocks of munitions being expended. Since Bornholm was captured an expanding Soviet presence on that island has forced you to limit your activities to being largely defensive. That is about to change.

Caribbean Fury 5 – Caribbean Cruise, 1994: Six weeks into the war, this is the fifth and final scenario of a short campaign. The situation in the Caribbean has fallen into something of a routine. Beyond an occasional Soviet submarine, the area has been quiet for over a month.

Of course, there is always one fly in the ointment, and here is it Venezuela. Rhetoric and accusations over the strike at Manodez Air Base, as well as strong evidence that Soviet submarines are replenishing at Puerto La Cruz have fueled the tensions but so far, restraint has been shown by both sides.

Growing intelligence indicators, however, predict that this situation is about to change.

CSG-21 in the Eastern Mediterranean, 2021: CSG-21 approaches the Syrian coast, where its aircraft are expected to engage in the first combat sorties from a UK aircraft carrier in a generation.

Dutch Convoy in the North Atlantic, 1963: This scenario assumes that hostilities between the Soviet Union and NATO broke out during the late Spring of 1963.

You are in command of a Dutch convoy currently enroute to the United States to pick up replenishments for NATO forces.  You mission is quite simple–get as many of your ships to Boston as possible.  Sink any Soviet ships or submarines that get in your way.

Kanton Island – Kiribati, 2024: In 2022 the People’s Republic of China (PRC) began an extension of the Kanton Island Airport in the Republic of Kiribati. Over the next two and a half years the 20 remaining islanders were relocated from the island and the island was transformed into a major PLA(N) forward operating base.

In response to the PRC construction, the USN reactivated the airfield on Johnson Island but without any significant facilities and only a skeleton staff. Aircraft can stage and refuel at the island but no reloads are available there.

Nicaragua Missile Crisis, 2024: Daniel Ortega the, once and future, dictator of Nicaragua won the 2021 election handily and quickly assumed full power dissolving the last vestiges of democracy in the country. Ortega rapidly strengthened his ties with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), accepting arms/training and signing agreements to host People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air bases and port facilities.

In late September 2024 an unusual convoy departed the PRC with two (2) Ro-Ro vessels with unusually large ramps headed for Nicaragua. When they arrived, they disgorged between 12 to 24 Transport Erector Launches (TELs) with, what analysists believed were, nuclear capable missiles on them. By late October these TELs were dispersed in central Nicaragua with the United States demanding their removal. The clock had been turned back about 50 years and the United States faced yet another “Missile Crisis!”

Northern Fury 41 – Tour de Force, 1994: The global war between East and West has been raging for a month, NATO is on the offensive, but the Warsaw Pact is far from defeated and still has the ability to counterattack.

You are in command of Strike Fleet North (STRIKFLTNOR) and control all naval and air assets north of the GIUK gap and above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Your boss, Admiral Falkner commanding Strike Fleet Atlantic (STRIKFLTLANT) from shore at Faslane Scotland has given you his command ship (USS Mount Whitney) and most of the offensive power of NATOs Atlantic Fleet.

Northern Fury 45 – A Rock on the Beach, 1994: Six weeks into World War Three and the Warsaw Pact has been halted on all fronts, now NATO is striking back. Overnight 31 March/1 April STRIKEFLTLANT conducted amphibious and airborne operations to sever the Soviet land and sea line of communications (LOC) in Norway. As anticipated the Soviets reacted strongly and you, as commander of the 6th Marines Regimental Landing Team (RLT), acting as the floating reserve have been committed to stabilize a difficult situation.

Your task in this scenario will be to seize and hold the area north of Narvik, in preparation for another brigade of the 82nd Airborne to jump in and seize the town itself.

Operation El Dorado Canyon, 1996: Kushans masterpiece recreation of the 1986 US strikes on Libya but set 10 years later!

Operation Rimon 20, 1970: One of the forgotten engagements of the Cold War, this engagement really happened.

Very soon after the Six Say War, a stung, Nasser launched the “War of Attrition” with the idea of wearing down Israeli forces in the Sinai. After Israel launched Operation Priha (Blossom) in January 1970 striking the Egyptian heartland Nasser had had enough and traveled to Moscow to solicit more support.

Knowing the Soviets were flying over Egypt the Israelis backed off fearing a confrontation with the superpower, but as things progressed, they had a change of heart and decided to actively engage the Soviets and give them a blackeye. The Israelis developed a plan to draw the Soviets into and ambush and developed a crack squad of pilots to go up against a group of average Soviet fliers.

After a series of morning strikes to lull the Egyptians and Soviets into thinking it was just another day the stage was set for the afternoon ambush. The results were predictable…

Operation Urgent Fury, 1983: In mid-October 1983 the island of Grenada was in chaos with at least 19 soldiers and civilians killed in a confrontation on 19 October. The dead included the deposed Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop, his partner, Jacqueline Creft, two cabinet ministers and two union leaders. General Hudson Austin, of the People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) of Grenada, seized power and declared a four-day ‘shoot on sight” curfew across the island.

Long a bone of contention for the Reagan Administration was the expansion of the Point Salines International Airport in the southern portion of the island.  Despite the fact that the project was proposed and funded with the help of Britain, Canada, Cuba, Libya, Algeria, and other nations, the Administration pointed to the construction by Cuban nationals as a clear sign of nefarious intentions. With the shoot on sight curfew order Hudson gave the United States it’s rational for invasion, the rescue of some 600 medical students on the island…

Pacific Fury 1 – Bolt from the Blue, 1994: Your carrier and its battle group are the US Navy’s ‘Forward Deployed’ force based in Yokosuka Japan as part of the US 7th Fleet. In a normal year, your force would spend the winter months in port refitting, but this is not a normal year. Instead, the battle group deployed to the Philippines in early January for a multi-carrier exercise with USS Constellation and USS Abraham Lincoln, then a Freedom of Navigation run through the Strait of Taiwan, and finally an amphibious exercise with the South Koreans.

Now, plans to head home were canceled last night and we’ve been ordered to deploy to the south coast of Hokkaido for a deterrence operation. Should be a quiet week. What could possibly go wrong?

Pacific Fury 2 – Bombeska on Hokkaido, 1994: You have been given the Job of neutralizing Japanese and American forces on the island of Hokkaido to ensure safe passage of naval and air forces into the Pacific. While your commander is dealing with Moscow you have been given this critical but secondary task. In London they called it ‘The Blitz’ but in Russia we will call it the ‘Bombeska’.

It won’t be easy, especially when many of your assigned forces have separate chains of command and/or have different objectives.

Pacific Fury 3 – Caught Flat Footed, 1994: Due to the increased tensions with the Soviets the Pacific Fleet’s exercise schedule has been ramped up, and your CVBG has been participating in a series of exercise over the past six weeks.

About 30 minutes ago you received a FLASH message from 3rd Fleet HQ in San Diego. You are now tasked to collect your battlegroup together and take Connie and her chicks north to reinforce the Independence around Japan. Unfortunately, a series of seemingly disconnected events have created a situation which you are not at all comfortable with.

Pacific Fury 4 – I Come from a Land Down Under, 1994: You are Commander of the newly formed Combined Task Force 165 (CTF-165). Your TF consists of mostly Australian and New Zealand assets but there are also American, Pilipino, Bruneian and British forces assigned to you. Your primary task is the reinforcement of Brunei, a small British aligned Sultanate rich in oil and natural gas on the Northwest coast of Borneo.

The main opposition is from the Soviet base at Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam but based on events of the past few days you should be prepared for anything.

Pacific Fury 5 – Shemya Shakedown, 1994: You are Commander of the 143rd Red Banner Missile Aviation Division based at Mongokhoto Airbase, part of the Soviet Pacific Fleet. In response to an American attack on the Crimea a couple days ago you have been tasked to attack an American base in the Near Islands, part of what the US calls the Aleutian Islands Chain.

Of course, there are a few complications; the Americans have deployed a squadron of F-15s there as part of their NORAD defense, you have the unreliable support of a PVO squadron of MiG-31s, and you must be very careful not to damage their COBRA DANE radar or they will think we are starting a nuclear war.

Saving the Third Temple, 1973: Syrian armored forces pushed into the Jordan river valley just north of the sea of galilee late today. The IDF has only a thin screen of troops on the western escarpment and is stretched to the breaking point. Without us air support they may be forced to resort to nuclear weapons to eliminate the Syrian salient. NCA has authorized one day of air strikes within Israel and the Golan to support the IDF.

Shandong Lashes Out, 2021: The confrontation with VPN vessels in the Spratlys has resulted in the attacking vessel and other VPN vessels taking refuge in Cam Ranh Bay. The Central Military Committee has determined to send a message to all nations that interference with PRC activities within the Nine-Dash Line will not be tolerated. The 24th Air Regiment and Shandong Carrier Strike Group (CSG) will launch a series of airstrikes on Cam Ranh Bay over a 36-hour period. The intention of degrading VPN capabilities by destroying as many faculties and vessels in the naval base as possible.

The Battle of Bejaia, 1999: The horrific civil war in Algeria has drawn the attention of the European Union, which seeks to support Algeria’s elected government and bring the bloodshed to an end. Recent intelligence has raised concerns that the rebels will attempt to seize control of the port city of Bejaia or commit massacres in some of the surrounding towns.

You are the commander of an E.U. task force.  Your instructions will be provided as the scenario unfolds.

Vengeance, 2021: Commander, as you know an Iranian proxy group recently murdered the crew of an Israeli merchant vessel in cold blood. The Cabinet has decided a reprisal for this cowardly act is necessary. An Iranian task group consisting of two frigates and an oiler are in Port Said, Egypt and will depart for Latakia, Syria on, or about, the morning of 4 Jun 2022. This task group is being accompanied by the Russian Frigate Admiral Essen.

Your mission is to sink, at least, one of the Iranian Naval Vessels, preferably a surface combatant, with torpedoes. You may not use Harpoon missiles for this mission. You will have limited intelligence in order to maintain plausible deniability, should something go wrong. Mossad will place assets to report on the Iranian progress on civilian and merchant vessels and you will have data from Satellites and Over the Horizon Radars. IAF recon assets, including drones, will stand down during the Iranian transit.

The new community scenario pack is, as always, available for download at the Command Team site: , and also on the Steam workshop.

The CSP now proudly counts 550 scenarios in its stable!