Companion to Red Tide: The v1.04 Command update

October 20, 2021 · Posted in Command 

Command: Red Tide is on schedule for official release tomorrow and, as usual with campaign DLCs, it is going to be accompanied by a a major official update to CMO. The new v1.04 update consolidates all public-beta and minor official releases since v1.03 and introduces several significant changes and some new features. The complete release notes are available HERE.

This time around, and compared to previous sim-heavy updates like v1.02 or v1.03, the emphasis has been less on new simulation features and more on enhancing user interface functionality and quality-of-life (QoL) additions. Let us walk through some of the heavy hitters:

  • A new page dedicated to sensors has been added to the database viewer. This fullfills a frequent player request and allows exploring in greater detail the various properties of a sensor. This is a very new addition and things are still being polished on it, based on preliminary feedback from the recent public beta that introduced it.
  • A further DB-viewer improvement: The RCS signatures of aircraft are now shown per-loadout in addition to their “clean” ones. This makes it easier to understand how external stores on an aircraft are affecting RCS and the subsequent effect in detection range by different threat radars.
  • A sub-type filter has been added to the DB-viewer, for quicker navigation & sorting of platforms.
  • A new map option allows automatically filtering-out contacts based on posture (e.g. filter-out all neutrals). This can be very useful to help declutter a very busy map (e.g. in Northern Inferno #1 once SOSUS detections start happening) without manually having to filter-out each contact.
  • The “red-X” (Direct-X device context loss) issue during resume from sleep/hibernation/screenlock has been fixed, making it easier to run Command unattended for prolonged periods (particularly useful for big, complex scenarios).
  • Various improvements to search-and-rescue operations and logics have been added.
  • It is now possible to edit the fuel levels of platforms directly through ScenEdit, without needing to use scripting or the SBR. Similarly, fire and flooding status are now directly editable, making it easier to represent already-damaged platforms (or just experiment with the effects of secondary damage).
  • Various new properties and methods have been added to the Lua scripting API.
  • Scenarios featuring numerous MEO/GEO satellites should no longer suffer a significant performance hit.
  • The latest versions of the DB3000 and CWDB databases are included, with a plethora of platform & system additions as well as numerous tweaks, fixes and updates.
  • Plus, of course, a large number of further additions, tweaks and fixes to both the user interface and simulation engine based directly on user feedback.

The v1.04 update will be released tomorrow, together with Red Tide. The Command development team is already busy assembling the follow-on updates and working on a number of new features that players will certainly enjoy to discover. Stick around!


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