An analyst’s dream: Command PE v1.14.5 released

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Some of our professional customers have been waiting for this with great anticipation, and now it is finally here: Command PE v1.14.5 is available for download & use.

Following on the footsteps of the groundbreaking PE v1.14 release , the new update includes a plethora of tweaks, fixes and improvements based on customer feedback, as well as some new features & content:

  • New scenario editor feature: merge multiple scenarios. This brand-new feature allows bringing together multiple scenario files and combining their elements into a single scenario. This ability can be leveraged in a number of creative ways; for example, storing the ORBATs, properties and regular missions (patrols etc.) of entire sides in template scenarios and then merging them to produce the actual working scenario. It also allows multiple persons to collaborate on different parts of a scenario before integrating them, thus boosting production & analysis throughput.
  • Significant improvements in analysis speed, scalability & reliability (both in interactive & Monte-Carlo modes). Every part of the sim-core execution pipeline has been optimized to boost performance and make the analysis workflow more robust (according to one of our customers who tested this, “it stopped running only when we ran out of disk space [for the data logs]”). A memory-leak issue that first appeared in v1.14 (it had the effect of reducing performance as the number of analysis iterations grew) has also been identified and eliminated.
  • When the “weapon endgame” event type is exported, the event-export framework now also outputs the various events of the point-defence phase (countermeasures & decoys being deployed, DECM jammers attempting to defeat incoming weapons, close-in weapons attempting to hard-kill threats etc.).
  • New WRA category type: Micro-UAV. This allows tailoring weapon allocation & firing doctrine against micro-UAV targets (such as popular commercial-derived drones) and experiment with different force & fire ratios against them.
  • Automated setting the registry settings for proper 4K/UHD support. Command-PE will attempt to automatically set the optimum settings for a high-DPI/4K desktop; if unsuccessful, it prompts the user for the manual instructions to do the same.
  • Fresh versions of the DB3000 & CWDB databases, with many additions and a major data change: GPS and Laser guided bombs (with a handful of exceptions – see the release notes) now have a minimum launch altitude of 2,000ft AGL vs the previous 10,000ft. This allows launch profiles more closely resembling RL ops.

The new PE update is an important step on our development timeline as we are about to embark on a number of new pro-oriented development projects. Watch this space!


Northern Fury: H-Hour has been released!

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