Command: Northern Inferno



Patrick Baker, Armchair General (93%): “Command: Northern Inferno is a great addition to the CMANO world, as well as a fairly low-cost way for those not familiar with CMANO to get their feet wet in the game without investing a large amount of their game-buying budget”

Julio Cabrera, Real and Simulated Wars: The quality of the scenarios is extremely high: the scope, level of detail, the deployments and orders of battle reveal a deep understanding of naval warfare […] The naval, air and amphibious maneuvers portrayed in Northern Inferno (NI) are the choreography of navies dancing into arguably the last ballet movement of human history. Are you going to miss it?”

Ian Bowes, Sugar-free Gamer: “NI gives you an affordable taste of what CMANO is clocking in at . This is a brave new world for wargamers. I can’t stress it enough. CMANO players can purchase the new Campaign and it will plug in direct to their installation. New players who want to taste what all the fuss is about, get a stand alone engine and campaign that opens the door for them. For an extensive and complex simulation wargame, this is an extraordinary level of accessibility.”

Scott Malcomson, Tech Raptor: Pure player agency is where the CMANO engine truly shines. Aside from your assigned area of operations and your orders, there are no rails here, no handholds, no meaningless choices.  How well you use the assets at your disposal, versus how well the AI uses theirs, that alone will determine the outcome.”

George Kyrenes, Greek Gamer: “Command: Northern Inferno is a truly relentless simulation both in its UI complexity and in its strategic planning.”


The year is 1975, the Cold War is omnipresent and beneath the veneer of détente the tension between the two superpowers irreversibly escalate towards the ultimate confrontation.

As an at-sea “accident” results in the sinking of a Royal Navy frigate and the Warsaw Pact is mobilizing, events rapidly spiral out of control. The world is plunging towards another global conflict – but this time, there will be no post-war recovery, only nuclear disaster.

 Do you have what it takes to stand up to Soviet/WP forces and avert Armageddon?

Command: Northern Inferno is a stand-alone game that uses the latest version of the Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO) engine. It also serves as a DLC for existing CMANO owners.

For the first time after the release of the most realistic and accurate modern warfare simulation, the developer, Warfare Sims, has created a fully-fledged campaign expansion that encompasses 15 scenarios across one of the most thrilling and intense moments of recent history.

 While the campaign is fictitious, every single part of this electrifying set of scenarios has be meticulously researched to deliver an entirely new experience to please both novice players and experts.


  • A standalone for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, 2013’s Wargame of the Year: play as a single, separate game, or add it to your collection of scenarios for CMANO
  •  15 nail-biting campaign scenarios written by Paul A. Bridge, active Royal Navy officer and Falklands veteran: scenarios are introduced by historic videos, edited and voiced over to link scenarios and set the scene for the campaign progression
  • 7 introductory tutorials: designed and built to teach you how to get into the game in an approachable and accessible way
  • Air, surface and underwater combat utilizing CMANO’s highly-praised simulation engine: in a world on the verge of global conflict, every unit is key to success, but only by mastering joint operations, will contenders be able to achieve victory
  • Conventional and nuclear operations: how far can the world go?  Will they use nuclear weapons?

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