News of the week: New release, new review, updated image packs and more

January 22, 2014 · Posted in Command · Comment 

* Build 486 of Command has been released and resolves the aircraft fuel problems reported on the last two public releases, plus other additions and improvements. Get it HERE.

* Lucas Moura (aka DrTeflon) at has reviewed Command and gave it an unqualified thumbs up:

The amount of content provided with the game is baffling. I was blown away by the amount of details, customization to our fleet, how I could control every aspect of the scenario without ever feeling overwhelmed. That was mostly due to how the user interface works. Sure, it still needs some work when assigning missions but overall it was a pleasant surprise. Last, but not least, community help and how Warfare Sims handles it. Tons of new scenarios in a matter of months! New database stuff, its amazing! Overall, Command Modern Air Naval Operations is one of those games that I will pick up five or ten years from now and it will still be awesome to play. Definitely one of the best strategy / wargames released in 2013.

  • Steven Lohr (CV60) has released updated versions of the DB3000 & CWDB image packs (the DB3000 now has over 7000 images!). You can download both packs on the Command downloads page.

  • Baloogan has started putting together a site listing the DB3000 & CWDB entries. This is useful for quickly looking up the stats of a platform or component without having to use the in-game DB-viewer (or examining the “raw” database).

Trifecta: Command wins the Usenet Wargame of the Year award

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After getting War Is Boring’s pick for Best Wargame of 2013 (along with the supreme FPC-RS) and being selected as Simulation of the Year by, Command has won one of the toughest awards in the PC wargaming culture, the Usenet (CSIPGWH) Gold Award for Wargame of the Year.

It was no surprise that Command’s chief competitor in the race and Silver Award winner was OTS’s excellent Red Storm, our favorite pick for the year.

We are profoundly honored by the wargaming community’s emphatic vote on Command. 2013 was a monumental year for modern-era wargaming, with the release of both Command and RS.

With popularity and recognition comes even more responsibility, and we are as determined as ever to measure up to the community’s expectations from the game and ourselves.

Great things coming ahead!


New year, new Command release and new community scenario pack

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The new year is in, and both the WS crew and the Command community have been busy as ever.

After the release of v1.02, a number of users reported two startup issues. These were investigated extensively during the holiday break (including remoting into players’ PCs in order to witness the problems in detail) and a new update, Build 483, has been released within the last weekend. This update fixes the startup problems and also addresses a large number of player-requested DB additions. It also includes the changes of previously released Build 481 such as the ability to manually mark a contact as neutral/friendly (another popular player request).

In addition, Miguel Molina has updated the Command Community scenario pack with a new release! Scenario map overlays have also been updated.
This new release includes 8 brand-new scenarios:

You can download the new scenarip pack and overlays HERE.

With this release, the total number of scenarios (official + community) publicly available for Command is now 73!

New Command scenario: Red Episodes–Boomer To Sea

January 3, 2014 · Posted in Command · Comment 

Database – DB3000
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

From : HQ Red Banner

To: Cmdr Soviet Forces North Atlantic Ops.

Following our initial plans all SSBN have left port before hostilities start, and are positioned in their patrol area awaiting for possible weapons release order, K-441 was not able to add herself to the sortie due to maintenance works, now she’s ready depart, but now the situation has changed, enemy submarines could be lurking in her path.

There is a minefield laid in the path of the K-441, Novgordosky Komsom a Natya class MT will escort K-441 to pass through the minefield.

Once the minefield is left behind, the K-441 will proceed to exit area.

Several surface, sub and air units will patrol the area for possible enemy sub activity.

K-441 must reach her patrol area undamaged.

Good luck comrade!

New Command scenario: Red Episodes–SOS SOSUS

January 3, 2014 · Posted in Command · Comment 

imageDatabase – DB3000
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

From: HQ Red Banner

To: Cmdr Soviet Forces North Theater Ops:

Despite our well planned offensive our losses at sea are increasing at an unexpected pace, our submarines are being decimated by enemy ASW patrols, intelligence reports the enemy SOSUS chain as the main reason, a plan to destroy all SOSUS facilities is underway, a SOSUS station is located 100 nm from your location in the Norwegian coast, there was an air attack planned for today, but weather maintain our birds on ground, high command decides this is a mission for cruiser Murmansk’s 152 mm batteries.

A small flotilla will detach from main SAG, (including KR Murmansk, RKR Vadm. Drozd, SKR Dostoynyy y BPK Derzky), this flotilla will close the Norwegian coast and will proceed with facilities bombardment.

No enemy air activity expected, some small Norwegians naval units could encountered, submarine activity unknown; intelligence reports some additional coast defenses has been move to the NATO key facilities in Norway.

Be careful and good luck comrade!

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