New Command scenario: Red Episodes–Boomer To Sea

January 3, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

From : HQ Red Banner

To: Cmdr Soviet Forces North Atlantic Ops.

Following our initial plans all SSBN have left port before hostilities start, and are positioned in their patrol area awaiting for possible weapons release order, K-441 was not able to add herself to the sortie due to maintenance works, now she’s ready depart, but now the situation has changed, enemy submarines could be lurking in her path.

There is a minefield laid in the path of the K-441, Novgordosky Komsom a Natya class MT will escort K-441 to pass through the minefield.

Once the minefield is left behind, the K-441 will proceed to exit area.

Several surface, sub and air units will patrol the area for possible enemy sub activity.

K-441 must reach her patrol area undamaged.

Good luck comrade!


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