Terrorist attacks, WW3 convoys, Saudi onslaught and Hormuz campaigns: Twelve new Command scenarios available

August 8, 2015 · Posted in Command · Comment 

F15SAMiguel Molina has posted a new revision of the community scenario pack, the compendium of Command scenarios crafted by the user community. The new release contains twelve brand-new scenarios:

  • WEC Davos Attacked by Terrorists, 2016: The World Economic Forum (WEC) is hosted every year in Davos, Switzerland, and attended by numerous political, diplomatic and industry leaders. This year, anonymous threats of a terrorist attack on the event have prompted heavier-than-usual security measures by the local authorities, including the Swiss police and army as well as support by Austrian and NATO air forces.
  • Black Tiger I, 2015: The last remnants of USMC Afghanistan veterans are returning to CONUS and transiting the straits of Hormuz, along with the Carl Vinson CSG. But a covertly Russia-backed Iran is determined not to allow safe passage.
  • Black Tiger II, 2015: Earlier today, a section of Superhornets was forced to intercept and drive off Iranian MiGs that flew out over Gulf waters to harrass and ‘thump’ a maritime patrol plane. As the excitement of the morning fades and night falls, there are growing indications that fresh trouble may be brewing…
  • Black Tiger III, 2015: In the past two days, several incidents have increased tensions to the boiling point. Iranian fighters have harrassed U.S. maritime patrol aircraft and flown aggressively in the airspace surrounding the two naval groups. Even worse, several missile-armed gunboats fought a surface action against the 5th Fleet on the night of February 6th. Although Iran claims that the boats were manned by Al Quaeda insurgents and that they had nothing to do with the incident, intelligence sources believe the craft involved were actually Iranian naval units flying under false colors, and the diplomatic fallout hasn’t stopped yet. This afternoon, Carrier Strike Group 3 will stand on station just west of the Strait of Hormuz, watching tensely as the Tarawa group makes the transit.
  • Black Tiger IV, 2015: In the past two days, several incidents have increased tensions to the boiling point. Today the USS Carl Vinson and her escorts plan to transit the strait behind their amphibious group, but they have no idea the horror that awaits them. For decades, it has been nothing more than a respect for the strength of the United States that has kept the Strait of Hormuz open to the world. With Iran on the brink of becoming a nuclear power and with the windfall of top line military equipment they have obtained, the time has come for the regional balance of power to shift decisively. The Iranians are planning to hand the United States Navy the most crushing defeat it has ever seen, seize control of the Persian Gulf – and hold it.
  • Black Tiger V, 2015: Bolstered by a new secret alliance with Russia and the influx of a wealth of modern aircraft and weapons systems, the Iranians have executed their plans to become a nuclear power and seize permanent control of the Persian Gulf region. A surprise attack on US ships transiting the Hormuz has resulted in heavy casualties and effective blocking of the straits. Iran capitalyzed on the ensuing confusion and temporary paralysis to successfully test its first nuclear weapon and declare itself a nuclear power. Now the U.S. Navy plans to carry out an operation to re-open the straits and restore freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf. For this operation, a couple of USN late Cold War projects, the F-14E Tomcat 21 and the AIM-152A AAAM missile (the replacement for the Phoenix) are coming out of the mothballs.
  • Trans-Atlantic Convoy Duty, 1985: WWIII has broken out in Europe with the classic Soviet thrust through the Fulda Gap. Unfortunately, the Soviets have also managed to take Iceland, taking effective control of the GIUK gap and leaving the northern convoy routes exposed and vulnerable. Defend the convoy and your battle group from Soviet attack.
  • Facing the Bear (The War That Never Was), 1989: Northern Norway may have been the most important theater in the world if the Cold War ever went hot. US reinforcements had to be shipped across the Atlantic in convoys of slow transports vulnerable to Soviet submarines and long-range naval aviation assets. The outcomes of the titanic battles in Germany were completely dependent upon a much smaller battle that would have unfolded in a sparsely-populated, harsh Nordic environment. This scenario, playable from the Soviet side, tries to capture the first stage of that battle.
  • Comte De Grasse’s Squadron, 1988: World War III has broken out. Limited-scale chemical and tactical-nuclear exchanges have been performed, but so far confined strictly to the Central Front and at sea. During these first few critical days of the war, one of the goals of the American navy is to secure the vital sea lanes of the Atlantic so that convoys will be able to resupply NATO forces in the coming weeks. As part of this effort, a task force centered around the American destroyer Comte de Grasse has been assigned to patrol the waters near the Azores.
  • Uncle Mark’s Tutorials #3 – Yorktown in the Gulf of Sidra, 1985: Libya has long made the claim that the entire Gulf of Sidra is its territorial waters, as opposed to the normal 12-mile limit prescribed under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The US is sending a message by deliberately moving its ships through what the rest of the world considers international waters. This time the Aegis cruiser Yorktown, damaged from a recent explosion but still battle-worthy, has drawn the lot.
  • Kingdom Come, 2018: Following an abortive assassination attempt on the King of Saudi Arabia, compelling links between the assassins and the Egyptian national intelligence agency, the Mukhabarat, quickly came to light. In the ensuing furor, diplomatic attempts to resolve the crisis between the two countries failed as each side dug in their heels. The Saudis would tolerate nothing less than having the responsible parties delivered to them immediately, while the Egyptians were still reeling from the realization that the Mukhabarat had initiated such an outrage without official sanction – but to save face would not admit so. With only hours to go before the deadline of the Saudi’s ultimatum, the Egyptians came to the conclusion, under the circumstances, that war was the more tenable option. The Kingdom would oblige.
  • Sinking A Battlewagon, 1990: With the construction of the Kirov-class battlecruisers, the US Navy once again faces armored, large enemy combatants. This experiment, with an Iowa as the target, tests the effectiveness of submarine weapons against such targets.

As always, the community scenario pack is available for download at the WarfareSims download section: http://www.warfaresims.com/?page_id=1876