The upgrade number of the Beast: Command v1.06 is here

August 9, 2023 · Posted in Command · Comment 

There is truly no rest for the wicked. Following the release of CPE v2.2, our participation in CNE 2023 and other related events and exercises, and concurrently with the preparations for CUE 2023, the Command dev team has been busy polishing the next major update for CMO. After an extended public beta period, the wait is over: CMO v1.06 is here. (Full release notes available HERE)

Undoubtedly the biggest single new feature of the new release is the transition to a 64-bit architecture, which resolves one of the biggest technical deficiencies of the system. But if is far from the only one:

* The map engine was ripped out and replaced with a new DirectX 11-based map renderer. This has provided significantly more headroom for improved zoom/pan performance, as well as reduced latency and increased throughput when rendering map layer tiles.

* A hot request from the player community: Weather and the day/night cycle affect air sorties. Non-all-weather aircraft are grounded at night or in bad weather.

* Target Priority Lists: Prioritize targets as part of doctrine settings. This makes it even easier to set up realistic targeting behaviors for the AI.

* Proximity-fuzed airburst round mechanics: Much more realistic modeling of proximity flak, a weapon/fuze type critical in WW2 and currently making a big comeback as a drone killer.

* Per-sensor mast height. Different horizon ranges and LOS clerances for different sensors on the same platform.

* Terrain type-dependent skyline / land-cover heights. Some units can fly between treelines or buildings, or pop their mast-mounted sensors above the local vegetation to get a clearer look of the battlefield.

* Decoy mobile platforms: Can use entire full-kitted platforms as realistic-looking decoys.

* Improved Sentinel-2 map layer: Crisper, hill-shaded, easier on the eyes and much more performant.

* Weapon-deployable platforms: For example, transport and launch child aircraft from parent aircraft (e.g. D-21 and WZ-8 recon drones).

* Latest sim database releases with thousands of additions and tweaks.

The development team is already busy putting together the next major CMO release (with another major feature that has long been a high request in the player base), while also preparing for the upcoming Command User Event in Rome. See you there in September!