New Command scenario: Red Episodes–SOS SOSUS

January 3, 2014 · Posted in Command 

imageDatabase – DB3000
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

From: HQ Red Banner

To: Cmdr Soviet Forces North Theater Ops:

Despite our well planned offensive our losses at sea are increasing at an unexpected pace, our submarines are being decimated by enemy ASW patrols, intelligence reports the enemy SOSUS chain as the main reason, a plan to destroy all SOSUS facilities is underway, a SOSUS station is located 100 nm from your location in the Norwegian coast, there was an air attack planned for today, but weather maintain our birds on ground, high command decides this is a mission for cruiser Murmansk’s 152 mm batteries.

A small flotilla will detach from main SAG, (including KR Murmansk, RKR Vadm. Drozd, SKR Dostoynyy y BPK Derzky), this flotilla will close the Norwegian coast and will proceed with facilities bombardment.

No enemy air activity expected, some small Norwegians naval units could encountered, submarine activity unknown; intelligence reports some additional coast defenses has been move to the NATO key facilities in Norway.

Be careful and good luck comrade!


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