Angry gets things done: Command v1.02 update now available

October 15, 2020 · Posted in Command 

It has been a while since the v1.01 update back last January, but as our regulars know we have been busy on all fronts. After releasing a number of official minor updates, the time has come to consolidate progress to a new development checkpoint – thus, the new v1.02 update has been born. The new update is now available through the Matrix installer and Steam, and the full release notes are available, as usual, in the MatrixGames forum.

v1.01 had a big bang feature (addition of FOW to Tacview), and v1.02 comes with a biggie of its own: Mine warfare has received a serious overhaul with many improvements in mechanics and AI logics, fixing some outstanding issues and improving both realism and player convenience and usability.

Other noteworthy additions:

  • An improved 4K-fixer tool
  • Improvements to QBG functionality along with more quick-battle templates
  • Improvements in ABM modelling
  • A brand-new set of “Surface Warfare Tutorial” scenarios by Rory Noonan
  • Updated version of the DB3000 database with numerous improvements and platform & system additions (as one example, most warships now have proper “cargo” allotments for personnel as well as small boats, so they can be used for situations such as boarding & inspection, seizure/capture, counter-piracy etc.)
  • And of course countless fixes, minor tweaks and improvements based directly on community feedback.

Gave a go at it and let us know!


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