Nitro boost and DB magics: Command-PE v2.3.1 released

February 9, 2024 · Posted in Command PE 

Missed us? It hasn’t been long since the release of the big v2.3 update for Command-PE, and the dev team has continued to fire on all cylinders. Following the release of the Showcase: Icebreakers DLC and its accordant CMO update, it’s time to take the wraps off what we’ve been working on since last December: The v2.3.1 update for Command-PE is now available.

While the release notes for this update are their usual mile-long ones, two key items easily stand out: RAMDB and the performance improvements.

  • RAMDB is, in a word, massive. In more words? RAMDB is an exceptionally powerful tool aimed at automating Command database edition, verification and version control. It is also a built-in database browser and comparator, and allows the generation of automated reports. To those among our pro customer base who have been asking for this for years: Your prayers have been heard and answered.
    As an aside, the entire DBTools suite (which now also includes RAMDB) is now no longer a separate app bundled with the the DB-Editor, but instead has been merged right into the main CPE application. This may not sound like a huge change (and from a user’s perspective it’s not), but it finally opens the door to directly linking the functionality offered by DBTools (post-change validation, for example, or the calculation of highly-dynamic values) right to the actual simulation engine. As you may imagine, this creates a whole new world of possibilities hitherto impossible.
  • Speed improvements: One of the most common feedback requests we’ve received since the release of v2.3 has been for even more performance and scalability, to better exploit the potential unlocked with the transition to a 64-bit architecture. We are happy to say this process is well underway, and the first fruits are evident: v2.3.1 clearly demonstrates an across-the-board performance leap over v2.3, enabling even greater-scale analysis and wargaming cases.

As usual, the new update also benefits from all the fixes, tweaks and performance improvements of the recent CMO release, as well as the new content additions including the fantastic new versions of the DB3000 and CWDB databases.

The v2.3.1 update for CPE is now available to all existing users through their personalized pro portal access, while the development is team is already busy assembling the next major release. Stay tuned!


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