New Command scenario: Sawfish and the Shower Posse

February 11, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis 

The Shower Posse, one of the most powerful criminal gangs in Jamaica, is known for having caused significant civil unrest in 2010 when one of its leaders was extradited to America.

This scenario assumes that one of the gang’s leaders decided to try to avoid capture by leaving Jamaica and hiding in the Dominican Republic. This, however, provided the United States with an opportunity to employ the United States Coast Guard (working with the permission of various Caribbean governments) to apprehend him.

(Historically, the Shower Posse gang was involved in smuggling not only drugs but also weapons. The origin of the name “Shower Posse” is not known. One theory is that it refers to the gang’s willingness to “shower” enemies with bullets.)


ATTN: Commanding Officer, USCG Thetis

We have reason to believe that the leaders of the Shower Posse gang are fleeing Jamaica and intending to hide in the Dominican Republic.


Since 2009, the United States has demanded the extradiction of leaders of the Shower Posse gang. Jamaica has finally agreed to our request, but the delay involved in reviewing American legal processes has given the gang leaders time to prepare to leave the country.


The Shower Posse gang members are using a fishing boat to travel from Jamaica to the Dominican Republic. They should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. In addition to small arms, it is very possible that they have purchased some military grade weaponry through the black market.


Your task force consists of USCG vessels Thetis and Sawfish.


Locate and intercept the boat being used by the Shower Posse. If they do not surrender, you are cleared to fire on their vessel and sink it.


Concentrate your search on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. We have reliable reports that your quarry will try to enter the country somewhere near Mantanzas.


Command: Thetis
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.


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