New Command update available!

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We just posted Build 446 on the MG forums:

This release is an update to v1.01.

The main feature of this update is much improved support for higher-DPI (125% font size) desktop environments. There are also lots of UI & performance improvements & fixes as well as numerous DB updates & additions.

Read the full release notes and download the update from the forum post!

Updated DB image packs are available!

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Ship_4Updated image packs for the DB3000 and CWDB databases are now available on our Command Downloads page:

While the packs can simply be unzipped to their respective DB-image folders, we recommend that existing images are first deleted, as the revised image files eliminate several errors in the existing images and naming conventions. Some of the existing files are also replaced with better-quality or more accurate images. Additional Soviet, US and Chinese units are also included.

The DB3000 pack consolidates the following user created packages:
* US Subs that were done in this thread:
* The US aircraft that were added in this thread:
* The US aircraft and ship that were added at this thread:
* The Scandinavia package located at this thread:
* The Argentine Forces package at this thread:
* The Spanish Forces package at this thread:
* The Iraqi Air Force Package at this thread:
* The Dutch Forces at this thread:

For CWDB platforms the sources are:
* US Aircraft:

If any other user created files were missed, we apologize and will include them moving forward.

Important Note: One important change in this file set is the renaming of all line drawings with the _t5 suffix. This change means that the line images will continue to appear in the image set, but will now be the last image displayed for a database entry. If you prefer the line drawings and want them to still display as the primary image, don’t allow your computer to overwrite those files.

Credits: stormridersp, fab94, renders, alkiap, sstrong, RoyHarper, Runibl, bradinggs, CV60, Meroka37, conforoa, OldPascas, SilentHunter, snowburn, baskreuger

Big thanks to Steven Lohr (CV60) for painstakingly collecting, consolidating and normalizing all known image packs released!

Four new Command scenarios available!

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The Command community scenario pack has been updated, and includes four brand-new scenarios:

Download it HERE.

Many thanks to Miguel Molina (Meroka37) for maintaining the scenario pack!

New Command scenario: Hunting Day

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by CMANO PdL Design Team (David Perez, Juan Ramón Paniagua, Miguel Molina)

Russia vs. Georgia

Date/Time: 10th August, 2008 / 00:00:00 Zulu
Location: South Ossetia
Playable Sides: Russia

During the first days of August war between Georgia and Russia, a Georgian mechanized column tries to make its way across South Ossetia to reach its destination at Tshikinvali, and there add its strength to the local forces and finally occupy the town. Its arrival to the city would change the balance of forces and could mean a serious setback for the Russian plans.

New Command scenario: Operation Guardian

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by Jomni

Singapore vs. Piratees

Date/Time: 7 Oct 2013 / 12:00:00 Zulu
Location:  Singapore Strait
Playable Sides: Singapore

The Singapore Strait is a narrow channel located between the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea.  It is the shortest sea route linking the Middle East and East Asia.  Everyday, more than 200 vessels pass though the Straits. These ships carry 80% of the oil used by East Asia and 1/3 of the world’s traded goods. [1]

The narrowest point of the Straits is about 2.8 km wide.  The close proximity of the commercial sipping lanes to land make them easy targets for pirates; especially at night.  With experience in counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, the Republic of Singapore Navy, along with Malaysia and Indonesia, keep this vital trade route safe for commercial vessels to pass through.[2]

This scenario features:

1)  Peace time operations (counter-piracy)

2)  Weapons restrictions (only MG up to 12.7mm / .50cal is used)

3)  Night time operations

4)  Commercial shipping lanes, ships docked at port, small civilian vessels

5)  Random pirate spawning events (for maximum replayability)

6)  Challenging scoring

Scenario designed by Jayson Ng (jomni)
Special thanks to Mike Mykytyn (mikmyk) of the Command Development Team for his valuable inputs.

Further reading:

[1] The economic importance of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore:  An extreme-scenario analysis. Xiaobo Qu and Qiang Meng (2012)

[2] Counter-Piracy Efforts in the Gulf of Aden.  Republic of Singapore Navy

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