New Command scenario: Lucid Angel

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Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis 

In the summer of 1992, President Mohamed Boudiaf of Algeria was assassinated. A transitional government, backed by the military, took power and declared a state of emergency. Thousands of people were arrested and, according to various human rights organizations, the use of torture by the government was widespread.

This scenario assumes that, among those arrested, were several Americans.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Guam

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION LUCID ANGEL.


Following the assassination of President Mohamed Boudiaf in Algeria last year, the transitional government has arrested thousands of people, including dozens of foreign nationals, on charges ranging from espionage to sedition. Several American citizens are among those arrested.

Last month, reports reached Washington that two of the Americans being held in Algeria had died; few details are being released by the Algerian government. The State Department is calling the situation “deeply troubling.”

We have reliable intelligence that the other Americans who were arrested are now being held–and quite possibly subjected to torture–at the police station in Annaba.

The President has ordered us to conduct a rescue mission.


The Algerians have a variety of Soviet-built aircraft and ships in the region. Air defenses are likely to be moderate, consisting of SA-6 missiles, Soviet era anti-aircraft guns, and similar platforms.


Your task force consists of the Guam, the Radford, and the Wainwright. Aircraft at NAS Sigonella are available to assist you.


  1. Eliminate air defenses surrounding Annaba that pose a threat to your mission.

  2. Marines aboard CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters should conduct an assault on the Annaba police station. You will to keep at least one helicopter over the police station for at least twenty minutes to complete the assault and rescue the Americans being held prisoner.

  3. Destroy any appropriate targets of opportunity. One of the objectives of this mission is to send a message to the Algerian government–the United States will not tolerate having its citiziens tortured and murdered.


Aircraft at Sigonella should conduct an initial SEAD strike and then provide air cover for the task force. You are authorized to conduct secondary strikes if you deem them necessary.

You are authorized to fire at your discretion up to 12 Tomahawk missiles from the Radford.

Avoid serious losses.

Avoid unnecessary civilian casualties.


Command: Guam
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.

New Command scenario: Connie and Qatif

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Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis 

In 1979, Saudi Arabia was rocked by civil unrest in the coastal region of Qatif. Historically, the protests were violently put down by the Saudi government and the region was under government control by the end of the year.

This scenario assumes that the 1979 protests triggered more widespread unrest, which by the Spring of 1980 had turned into open rebellion against the House of Saud. An additional complication is that the rebels have much in common ideologically with the revolutionary leaders in Iran; Iran is believed to be providing the rebels with military aid.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Constellation Battle Group

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION DISTANT COMRADE.


The Saudis remain deeply embroiled in what is rapidly turning into a full blown civil war. They have asked us to assist them in eliminating the rebel stronghold in Qatif so that they can concentrate their efforts on the rebels operating closer to their capital.


The enemy you will be engaging is centered at Dhahran. The rebels have seized control of at least one squadron of F-5Es. They are also believed to have control of numerous tanks and artillery units.

Iran has acknowledged the rebels and has offered them military and financial support. If you attack the rebels, it is very likely you will have to contend not only with them but with Iranian forces as well.

We have reliable intelligence that Iran has placed mines near the entrance to the Persian Gulf.


The Constellation Battle Group consists of CV 64 Constellation, CG 29 Jouett, CG 16 Leahy, FFG 3 Schofield, AFS 3 Niagara Falls, and AO 105 Mispillon. SSN 651 Queenfish, DD 991 Fife, DDG 9 Towers, and DD 948 Morton have been chopped to your command.


Attack King Abdulaziz Air Base and render it unusable by rebel forces. In addition, destroy any and all rebel aircraft, vessels, and ground facilities identified by your forces.


Fife, Towers, and Morton are all currently in the Persian Gulf. These vessels should withdraw from the Persian Gulf and rendeveous with the Constellation Battle Group. They may need to be protected from enemy aircraft while they do so.

SSN Queenfish is currently in the Gulf of Oman. She should enter the Persian Gulf and gather intelligence. She is free to attack targets of opportunity.

Conduct your air strikes and your combat air patrols from the Constellation.

Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates are all concerned about the unrest in Saudi Arabia and have given us permission to fly combat missions through their airspace.

The Constellation Battle Group must remain in the patrol area identified on your tactical map. Do not initiate hostilities with Iranian forces but be prepared to defend yourselves from attack. Be aware that Iran’s air defense network allows it to fire surface-to-air missiles at targets over most of the Persian Gulf. If you are attacked, you are free to destroy any Iranian aircraft or naval vessels you encounter. However, you are not cleared to attack Iranian ground facilities.


Command: Constellation
Signal: EMCON C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck and Godspeed.

New Command scenario: Top Gun

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Database – DB3000
Author – Cassio Murilo, CassioM

DATE/TIME: 12 MAY 1986, 03:00 ZULU

The SS Layton was doing intelligence gathering near the Andaman islands on the Bay of Bengal when was suddently attacked by a group of soviet jet fighters based on Burma.

This tension was escalated to a “Crisis Situation” that requests a firm response. The US President stated strong condemnations to the Soviet and Burmese governments and issued orders to US Navy defend and rescue the stricken american ship.

The Battle Group Foxtrot, centered on the nuclear carrier USS Enterprise, is on position to send its Top Gun air group to contain this situation.

The Navy was ordered to send limited waves of fighters to attack the Soviets and cannot send more support. The airlanes on the region have been deviated. Don’t expect to find any civilians airplanes there.


You control only the Maverick’s plane, callsign Voodoo 3. Your wingman Voodoo 1 and the Battle Group are controlled by the AI.

The only planes on the air in this scenario is the two F-14A Tomcats and the six MiG-23 Floggers. No other planes are flying in this scenario, neither the E-2C Hawkeye. Although unrealistic, it was done to replicate the exact conditions of the movie.

The Phoenix missiles were removed and the Sparrows were reducted to emulate the movie’s dogfights.

To improve your defence against the enemies missiles, you can use the ECM. But avoid it to replicate the exact conditions of the combat seen in the movie.

The enemy planes are formed by six soviets MiG-23ML Flogger Gs that represents some kind of limited soviet deployment in southeast asia. The MiG-28 cited on the movie doesn’t exist.

I decided to put limited dogfighting conditons on this scenario. Because on that time, 1986, any serious fire enchange between US and the soviet can lead the world to the brink of WWIII. 🙂 . They don’t talk about WWIII on the movie, they treat this combat like a regional conflict.

Based on the movie Top Gun by Tony Scott. Launched in 12 May 1986.


Hollywood and Wolfman (callsign Voodoo 2) was shot down and ejected safely. Now, Maverick and Merlin (callsign Voodoo 3) are on the air and need to reach Zone 2 at best speed to support Iceman and Slider (callsign Voodoo 1) that are facing a full squadron of MiG-23 Floggers.


Proceed at best speed to Zone 2, marked by reference points, to support Voodoo 1.


F-14A Tomcat (Maverick & Merlin) – Callsign Voodoo 3
Recommended EMCON State – C (Unrestricted Emissions)

New Command scenario: Sideshow in the South China Sea

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Database – DB3000
Author – Russian Heel

Date/Time: 20 MAR 85 / 2200 Zulu – 21 MAR 85 0500 Local 
Location: South China Sea
Playable Sides: United States

In March of 1985, after a week of build up and failed diplomacy the much prepared for military confrontation between the Warsaw Pact and NATO has begun. In the South China Sea, far away from the main theater of the war, two groups of bases face off against each other in a battle that will determine control of the South China Sea.

Orders for Cmdr US Joint Forces


At 0400 20 MAR 85 ZULU hostilities began between NATO and WARPAC forces. Heavy fighting is occurring in the Central and Northern European theaters as well as in the North Atlantic. The Western Pacific has only small scale operations. 7th Fleet ships have been removed from the South China Sea due to the presence of the Soviet base at Cam Ranh Bay.

Enemy Forces

Stationed at Cam Ranh Bay is the 169th Guards Separate Composite Regiment of Naval Aviation-Pacific Fleet (VVS-TF) The regiment consists of:

  • 1st Squadron 20x Tu-16 BADGER aircraft consisting of 12-14 bombers, 4-6 EW aircraft and at least 2 refueling aircraft.
  • 2nd Squadron 4x Tu-142 4x TU-95TS BEAR aircraft making up the maritime recon component
  • 3rd Squadron 12x MiG-23MLD FLOGGER K make up the fighter component. This squadron is manned by the most capable pilots in the Soviet Navy.

We are aware that at least 1 BN of SA-6 have been to deployed to Cam Ranh Bay for at least 2 weeks, and it is possible SA-10s have been deployed as well.

Satellite intelligence has noted that 3 submarines left port 3 days ago. There is a limited amount of Soviet naval activity in the South China Sea and a submarine tender in Cam Ranh Bay.

Friendly Forces

  • Clark AFB: 2x F-4 Squadrons (3rd TFS, 90th TFSw/ 8 F-4Gs) 6x KC-135A, 1 KC-135Q
  • NAS Cubi Point: Marine Detachment (12x A-4, 6x A-6, 4x EA-6, 2x KC-130) 4x P-3C
  • Andersen AFB: 8x B-52G (2 Harpoon capable) 6x KC-135A 1x SR-71


  1. Cam Ranh Bay must be neutralized as a base for Soviet forces in order to establish control over transit of the South China Sea.

  2. Cam Ranh Bay itself must be mined to prevent normal operations or resupply by sea.

  3. Any Soviet naval units are considered high value targets and are to be attacked.


At your discretion.

Command & Signal

Command: PACAF, 3rd Fighter Wing
Signal: EMCON State C, unrestricted emissions

Rules of Engagement (RoE)

Vietnam has declared neutrality in the conflict. Entry of their airspace is limited only to the area of Cam Ranh Bay. Vietnamese forces are only to be attacked in self defense.

New Command scenario: Operation Folgore

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Database – DB3000
Author – greatTop

Italy vs. Lybia
Date/Time: 1st August 2013 / 07:00:00 Zulu
Location: Mediterranean
Playable Side: Italy

UN resolution 1973 never being passed due to both Russian and Chinese vetos. The Libyan army loyal to Gaddafi crushed the helpless rebellion by mid 2012. Italian military intelligence informs us that for the last year Gaddafi has ordered to his security forces to execute indiscriminately a large portion of the population in the Benghazi region… This story in being confirmed by Libyans who managed to flee and made it to the island of Lampedusa. The US refusing to intervene and the division among the European Union about a joint intervention gives Italy no other choice then to take the matter in her own hands. To prevent a bloodbath that will probably destabilize the whole region and most of all to protect Italian interests in Libya jeopardized by the Italian support for a NATO-led intervention in 2011 has given Italy no other choice then a full scale invasion to remove the current regime and bring back peace to its old colony.

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