Armored Brigade: New version available

February 12, 2010 · Posted in Armored Brigade 


A new version of this very impressive tactical land combat wargame has been released.

This is the changelog as posted by the developer:

* Fixed: The player could move units/formations while setting TRPs
* Fixed: Button fonts were using wrong color
* Fixed: Slow moving missiles could self-destruct if the target changed speed rapidly

New units (Summer/winter/desert camo included for most of the new vehicles):
– USSR: PT-76B, T-54B, T-55A, T-62, T-64B, ZSU-57-2, BMP-1, BMD-1, BMD-2, BTR-70, MT-LB, Airborne Inf Squad, AT-3c ATGM Team, Su-17, MiG-21bis, MiG-27M
– Finland: PT-76, MT-LB
– FRG: Roland SAM
– USA: F-4C Phantom II

Game mechanics:
– Muzzle flashes can be detected outside of the normal detection range of the unit. The symbol is shown within 250m radius from the firer. The spotting capability of the observer at the given moment, the Signature value of the firing weapon and time of day (darker=better) affect the final probability
– Thermal imaging systems: All undamaged vehicles, which have a weapon with Night Vision value greater than or equal to 2000m, have a 50% better spotting capability and 10% increased cost value
– Bad weather ("Visibility") reduces the Night Vision ranges
– Visibility ranges adjusted
– Weak point hits reduce the armor protection randomly between 0-80%, instead of a constant 80%
– Smoke/Dust produced by smoke generators and vehicle movement increases the obscurants value in the adjacent grid squares. This solves the issue with "holes" in the smoke, when the vehicle is moving diagonally
– Aircraft can crash to grounds objects like trees, buildings etc.
– Vehicles WITH 2-plane stabilization have a slighly reduced spotting capability when moving

– The map generator produces more roads/villages and much larger towns
– Buildings have three different heights now: 5m (1×1 buildings), 12m (1×2 and 2×1 buildings) and 25m (2×2 buildings)

– 20-35mm ammo penetration revised. Most of the values are increased at longer ranges, including aircraft based weapons
– All aircraft mounted cannons can be used to engage other aircraft
– MANPADs have a shorter reaction time

– Friendly infantry and gun units, which are not dug-in but located in terrain which allowes them to hide from the enemy (until the unit moves, fires or is overrun), have a yellow outline on the NATO symbol. The unit state displays usually "Hiding"
– Ground visibility is shown in the Battle Generator
– Ctrl+"S" adjusts the fast time compression between min-medium-max
– Tracer sprites use the same scale as unit sprites: if the unit scale is increased by pressing shift+"B", the tracers can be seen even if zoomed out
– Some adjustments and more colors in the AAR screen
– GUI button highlighting enabled
– Individual units do not "collide" with buildings when the player is moving them in the setup phase
– Fire mission "tubes" and "volleys" +/- buttons are less sensitive

Download the new version here.


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