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May 27, 2010 · Posted in Armored Brigade 

t-72_tank Two new versions out this awesome tactical land combat game have been released back-to-back:

==Version 0.682==
– Unit movement is smoother. When a unit is ordered to
stop, it stops right away.
– When "Defence" in the Battle Generator is
"Dug-in+Fortified", the scenario attacker receives less
purchase points than before.
– Artillery and mortar shells are less likely to cause terrain fires
– New tree graphics (Thanks to Käki)

==Version 0.680== 
* Fixed: Anti-air and indirect fire muzzle flashes could not be detected
* Fixed: The distance between muzzle flashes and the observer was calculated incorrectly
* Fixed: Some muzzle flash graphics were missing
* Fixed: The pre-game menus use now non-transparent buttons and logo, this should fix the
graphics issues on some graphic cards.
- The AI opponent can use mortars to fire illumination at night
- Casualties have a much higher effect on the victory points. This way the battles should be
less "fight till death" type, because high casualties end the battle earlier
- Command delays are halved when using formations (Including for mortar fire mission, nearby
HQ units reduce the mortar adjust delay as before)
- Maps have small patches of water and more streams/rivers
- Urban areas have less buildings, so vehicles and the AI should not get stuck that often
- If the scenario defender loses an objective, and then reoccupies it, he will receive only
half of the victory points from that objective, and the attacker receives the other
half (The objective turns orange)
- Aircraft treat all ground targets as "unknown", and thus won't always attack the most
valuable detected enemy unit
- If an artillery target is out of the normal TRP radius, but closer than 2x the normal
radius, the delay is slightly shorter. In previous version the same effect could be achieved
by setting the fire mission within a TRP radius, and then adjusting it further away from the TRP
- Rescaled all MT-LB images and the PT-76 turret images. Modified the water and jungle
tree graphics.

Get the new versions here.


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