Red Pill rename contest + a few more screens

February 9, 2011 · Posted in Command 

The Armchair General portal is hosting a “Rename the Red Pill” contest on its forums. Anyone can participate and propose a new name for Red Pill – and maybe win a prize:

The game is currently being developed under the working title The Red Pill, a reference to the Matrix movies. But frankly, would like gamers’ feedback to create a really snazzy title for a game that will simulate air/naval conflict anywhere in the world, both total-war and low-intensity/peacetime situations. Players will even be able to download satellite pictures from such places as Google Earth and overlay them on the map. The game will be primarily tactical/operational but with the option to play strategic-scale games.
The winning title will be selected by the staff at, and the person who submitted it will receive a surprise gift from the Red Pill development group. Two runners-up will also be selected to win a subscription or renewal to Armchair General magazine.

Deadline for name submissions is March 7, so have a look and post your ideas.

Also, we have some more assorted screenshots from our late builds:


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