Command video: Making a simple opposed TLAM-strike scenario

January 18, 2012 · Posted in Command 

Jakob, a member of the Command development group, has been flexing his video-producing muscles lately and Command was bound to offer a tempting vehicle. In this video, Jakob demonstrates how to put together a very simple strike-oriented scenario.

(as always, best watched in HD)


This is a simulated exercise in which “Blue” (a single A. Burke-class destroyer) attacks a “Red” airfield (Hazerim airbase in Israel) using Tomahawk TLAM cruise missiles. The primary targets are the base runways. The base happens to be the least-covered by ground-based air defences in Israeli territory (most SAMs and ABMs are eastward-oriented), and for this reason a CAP screen of F-15I fighters and Phalcon-AEW aircraft is provided.

We have shown airfield attacks before, so the heart of the video is the ease & speed with which a simple scenario can be constructed using Command’s built-in scenario editor. The video covers all the steps necessary, from creating sides and defining their postures to loading up installations, creating strike & AAW-patrol missions, equipping the airbase with appropriate aircraft weapons etc.

Jakob has stated that he has more videos in the pipeline. If his first attempt is that good, one can hardly wait.


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