Another first by Command: Ship docking operations

April 21, 2012 · Posted in Command 

lha-3-lcacLong-timers of the air/naval wargaming genre are familiar with one of the oldest, most enduring wishlist items in the community: Ship docking operations, ie. the ability for certain ships/subs to be hosted inside other vessels, dock into them and be deployed from them to the sea. And yes, there is a reason it has not been done so far; it’s not easy.

The Command development group has been busy the last few weeks working on this feature and is now proud to present the first working version:

(as always, best viewed in HD on YouTube)


This is a significant milestone for Command since it enables us to proceed with modeling several hitherto under-represented but crucial facets of naval operations:

  • The deployment phase of amphibious operations: Landing ships leaving their parent amphibious ships and shuttling back and forth to the target coast to unload forces.
  • Unmanned remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) hosted in fleet boats and employed in such diverse roles as mine-hunting & mine-sweeping, naval surveillance, expendable anti-surface operations (“streetfighters”), towed decoys etc.
  • Small boats operating from at-sea mobile bases (“motherships”), as well as small boats deployed from normal surface combatants for maritime blockade & inspection, piracy/counter-piracy operations etc.

We are already working rapidly on amphibious and mine-warfare operations and hope to be able to present them in more detail in the future.


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