Command to be published by Matrix Games

December 19, 2012 · Posted in Command 

bg_logoIt’s now official; WarfareSims has teamed up with Matrix Games for the publishing & distribution of Command:

We are excited to announce a partnership with WarfareSims ( to bring the air and naval warfare simulation and strategy game Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations to customers in the near future!

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations features a very realistic modeling of air and naval warfare strategy where players take command of modern military operations from post-WW2 all the way to the near future, primarily in a tactical or operational scale. While still in development, Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations aims to set a new benchmark for depth and realism in modern air and naval wargames, with detailed modeling of aircraft, surface ships, and submarines, along with multiple historic and hypothetical conflicts, complete with an integrated scenario editor.

JD McNeil, Chairman of Slitherine had this to say: “We are very thrilled to be working with WarfareSims to bring our customers this new and outstanding air and naval warfare simulation. We think this title is a great fit for our audience and look forward to a very productive and beneficial relationship with WarfareSims.”

The full announcement is here. Matrix has also opened a dedicated forum for the game on their website, and WS members will be there as well to interact with the players community.


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