Countdown to v1: An AAR from our final beta wave

August 28, 2013 · Posted in Command 

Something for the airwar nuts of the niche. An AAR of a third-party scenario from Primarchx has just been cross-posted on the public forum at Matrix:

Fighter Weapons School GAT-5/6


Established in 1954 and reinvigorated by lessons learned in Vietnam, the USAF Fighter Weapons School is the ultimate proving ground for the Air Force’s best fighter pilots.  In 1977 the curriculum centered around the F-4E Phantom multirole fighter which put students through a comprehensive syllabus of air and ground attack challenges.

The final section was on Ground Attack Tactics and culminated in the GAT 5 & 6 exercises, run simultaneously with one section of aircraft striving for air to ground success and another for air superiority.  Called The World’s Most Demanding Peacetime Mission, GAT 5 & 6 required eight students to attack an assigned target protected by staunch ground and air defenses.  It was the fighter pilot’s graduate thesis and the final obstacle on their path to returning home with the covetted ‘Bullseye Patch’.

Scenario Notes

There are many challenges to overcome in this scenario.  You have 4 Phantoms outfitted for air-to-air and 4 Phantoms fitted out for air-to-ground, including 2 with PGMs.  Against you are SAMs, AAA and a heavy dose of OPFOR F-5E fighters.  There’s no support from GCI, EW or SEAD assets.  Just 8 planes and a mission.  Good luck!

Make sure you check out the extensive AAR with lots of screenshots.

The feedback from our massive final beta wave (over 500 participants!) has been nothing short of extraordinary. It is now clearer than ever that Command is slated to take the air/nav wargaming community by storm and absolutely dominate the genre for years. We thank everyone who has taken the time & effort to join the beta phase; your enthusiasm about the game is renewing our energy as we are about to cross the v1 finish line.

And yes, that means everyone had better start emptying their calendars for this autumn…


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