New Command scenario: Operation Allied Force

October 30, 2013 · Posted in Command 


Serbian forces have utilized Heroin drug trade profits to modernize their military. Recent satellite photos show the Serbian airforce has been fully mobilized. Advanced SAM S-300 (Nato sig SA-10) installations are throughtout Serbia. Long range deadly Mobile Silkwarm (Nato sig. SS-C-1b) ASM sites have also been active in the theater. Reports of a possible Kilo Class sub operating in the area have not been comfirmed. There are reports from Italy that organizations sympathetic to the Milosevich regime are using Italian ships to smuggle arms and oil from Russia and PLA to Serbia via Montenegro. These ships are to be identified and neutralized immediately.

Targets are concentrated in 5 primary areas and a few scattered regions:

  • industrial and military targets in Novi Sod which provide equipment to the Serbian armed forces;
  • both military and industrial targets in Belgrade;
  • merchant, military, and industrial in the ports of Budva and Herceg Novi;
  • isolated command centers in central Serbia;
  • military targets.

Author – PJ Baumgartner ‘pbj1’
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