AGSI ceases development of computer Harpoon

November 7, 2013 · Posted in Harpoon 1 (Classic), Harpoon 2, Harpoon 3 

According to AGSI’s president Don Gilman, the company has stopped any development on any of its Harpoon titles:

Advanced Gaming Systems Inc (AGSI) has suspended further enhancement of the commercial version of the Harpoon software products after more than two decades.  The commercial licensing rights have been returned to Mr. Bond and Mr. Carlson.

Mr. Gilman has provided more details on his personal blog:

We made the decision over 25 years ago to focus on simulation accuracy, precision, and utility as our graphics were state of the art at that time. Today, the market’s taste has changed and we were not successful in building a business case to develop The Next Generation Harpoon.

When most of us started on this journey we were young, single, childless, and the Internet didn’t bring trolls into our faces.  The market wasn’t filled with competing “I don’t want to think” products, phones only had buttons, music came on cassettes.  Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and those pesky Birds didn’t exist either to compete for the time and minds of the world.

The WarfareSims site will continue to host Harpoon scenarios & databases until further notice, while devoting our development resources to Command.


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