New Command scenario: Stag Yellow

November 9, 2013 · Posted in Command 

Author – Mark Gellis

This scenario assumes the the pro-Soviet military dictatorship that seized control of Peru in the late 1960s was not only unfriendly to the United States, but actively hostile, and eventually committed acts that demanded an American response.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Coral Sea

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION STAG YELLOW.


In 1968, General Juan Velasco seized control of Peru.  In the last year, Peru has become increasingly hostile towards the United States and its allies.  Along with building stronger relations with the Soviet Union, it has seized and sometimes even fired on American fishing boats it claimed were violating its territorial waters. 

Last week, Peru fired on and sank an American trawler.  Six Americans were killed in the attack. 

The President is outraged by Peru’s actions and has decided that a punitive strike is necessary.


While Peru operates some older submarines and surface vessels, the most serious threat you are likely to face is from their air force.  Along with older aircraft, such as F-86 fighters, Peru has recently purchased a number of the new Mirage V aircraft. 


Your battle group consists of the Coral Sea and her air wing, CGL 6 Providence, DD 882 Furse, DD 937 Davis, and SSN 590 Sculpin.   


Proceed to the area marked on your tactical map. 

Destroy the refinery at Talara and as many of the surrounding tanks of diesel fuel as possible. 

You are free to attack other targets of opportunity (port facilities, military facilities at Victor Montes Airport/Air Base, etc.) as they present themselves. 

Remain on station and monitor the situation until you receive further orders. 


Keep in mind that Talara is a populated area.  Avoid unnecessary civilian casualties.

Soviet forces are known to be operating in your area.  Avoid hostilities with them unless you are attacked.


Command: Coral Sea

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.


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