New Command scenario: Give Them Hell

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Database – DB3000
Author – CMANO PdL Design Team (David Perez, Juan Ramón Paniagua, Miguel Molina)
Email –

NATO vs. Russia (Fictional)
Date/Time: 5th October, 2008 / 00:00:00 Zulu
Location: Black Sea, Aegean Sea
Playable Sides: NATO

In the last days of summer of 2008 the war in Georgia was getting more and more complicated for the Russians, somehow the Georgians had been able to resist the push of the Russians armed forces. Now the international public opinion was clearly favorable to the Georgian side and voices claiming for an international intervention were starting to be heard.

In this situation, Turkey saw an opportunity to increase its influence in the volatile Caucasus region and started lobbying to force a NATO intervention in the area. Intervention that was not approved by the rest of the NATO member. Finally, forced by the public opinion and the political maneuvers of Turkey, the North Atlantic Council decides to send a humanitarian convoy to Georgia with a token escort.

Russia has announced that the convoy is clearly a contribution to the Georgian war effort and as such the Russian Armed Forces were going to stop it before reaching the Georgian port.

The convoy is under sail and the world is holding its collective breath remembering the day of the Cuban missile crisis…

To Naples Allied Joint Commander:

By NAC order 1741 you were designed as operational commander for Operation “Assured Delivery”, whose main movement was the transit of a convoy to the Georgian port of Batumi.

Since the convoy departure of Marseille, situation in the Black Sea is worsening rapidly, the convoy just cleared the Bosporus and it is clear the Russian are not going to let it go undisturbed…

You orders have no change at all: you will take the convoy and its escorts and set course to Batumi in the South of Georgia. Expect heavy harassment by the Russians, but analysts don´t think they will go beyond that.

Just to play in the safe side the SNMG-1, paying a visit to the Bulgarian port of Varna, has been chopped to you and now they are under your command. This four frigate strong group, is fully ready to leave port.

Turkey has transferred to your Command two  maritime air patrol aircrafts from Cengiz Topel NAS, and you can expect more Turkey forces to be put under your command if the situation keeps worsening.

Two NATO AWACS have been deployed to Aviano AB in Italy, you have full tasking authority over both of them.

Finally the USS Enterprise Strike Group is in the Eastern Mediterranean, and has been also put under your Command, but remember that under the Montreaux Convention, the aircraft carrier cannot cross the Bosporus…

Italia is ready to transfer to you a KC-767 tanker to support the CAW of the Enterprise.

Use all these assets to protect the

convoy transit and download operations. If things go sour, you should have enough power to force your way in…

Huge political efforts are being made to defuse this situation, so the last thing needed is any incident involving your forces and the Russian’s, so make sure you avoid any operation in, under or over the Russian sovereign territory, airspace or waters. You are under a strict weapons tight ROE, do not fire unless in self defense…

The Russian have declared several maritime and air exclusion zones in the Black Sea area, so civilian traffic is starting to diminish, but expect a lot of small uncontrolled civilian vessels. Avoid civilian casualties.

INTEL reports that all Naval Air Regiment in the Black Sea Fleet have been put in high readiness status. Most of the surfaces vessel of the Black Sea Fleet have left port and are operating south of the Crimea peninsula. All but two of the Black Sea Fleet submarines are accounted for in their berths… their whereabouts are unknown but the Russian have been keeping an ELINT outpost close to the port of Poti.

The Black Sea Fleet flagship “Moskva” is still deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean with the “Admiral Kusnetsov” group. This group, as three days ago, is in the port of Latakia paying a “good will visit” to the Syrian Government. Normal portside operations are been observed so far, but HUMINT indicates that not port leave has been granted to the crews, so it is believed that they are ready to be under way with a really short notice.

The Russian Air Force is heavily involved in the ongoing Georgian operations, so they already were in high readiness, in any case an operational increase has been observed in bases housing fighters. An increase of readiness has also been observed in the Air Defense forces, and several SAM regiments have left their garrisons and are expected to be deployed around the coast.

EMCON: use your electronic assets as needed, but consider that trying to squeeze the convoy in the Black Sea unnoticed is going to be quite difficult, if not impossible.

Designers note: the aircrafts that are going to be transferred to you are shown in the game with huge ready times, those ready times are the time left to be put under your command, please do not change those times.


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