New Command scenario: Israel Strikes

December 8, 2013 · Posted in Command 

imageDatabase – DB3000
Author – Steven McNicholl

The time to strike is upon us.  Iran has developed ballistic missiles with the range to hit Israel and placed them in newly built hardened.  It is unknown when they will be able to develop a nuclear warhead.  No chances can be taken.  Your primary objective is to destroy the hardened silos, secondary objective is to destroy their nuclear reactor, and lastly any enrichment facilities.  This is meant to be a quick limited strike to eliminate their ability to strike Israel, not start a prolonged war.  As soon as you cross into their airspace they will scramble their fighters so make the first wave count.  Good luck!

20 – Missile Silos
15 – Nuclear Reactor
10 – Mobile Missile Units, Nuclear Enrichment Facilities (Building Large).


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