New Command scenario: Small Random Convoy Transit

December 8, 2013 · Posted in Command 

imageDatabase – DB3000
Author – Miguel Molina ‘Meroka37’
Email –

NATO vs. Soviets
Date/Time: 1st April, 1989 / 08:00:00 Zulu
Location: French Coast

Playable Sides: NATO, Soviets

War between NATO and Warsaw Pact is two days old, many merchant ships were surprised by the start of hostilities in the middle of  the Atlantic sea lanes. Many NATO escorts has been dispatched to form small convoys and guide them to friendly port.

One of these small convoys is sailing to French port of Lorient…

Remarks – This scenario has randomized forces, (several convoy and op forces composition), run the scenario during a couple of seconds before starting to give orders to units/group, uncheck Scenario Events option in Message Log for better fog-of-war.

To Cmdr NATO Convoy

You are ordered to reach French port of Lorient in the next 20 hours.

Intelligence informs about several Soviet submarines lurking close to French coast.

To support you a couple of MPA Atlantique will be available in Lann-Bihoué base.

Good luck!

To Cmdr Soviet Submarine Atlantic Force

Satellite has detected a convoy sailing to Lorient, this convoy will enter your assigned patrol area, it is paramount to our land operations to impede it reaching port.

Inflict maximum damaged to the merchants and their escort.

Good Luck Comrade!


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