Community scenario pack updated – 6 new scenarios!

December 8, 2013 · Posted in Command 

Miguel Molina has updated the Command Community scenario pack with a new release!

DOWNLOAD SCENARIOS HERE. Unzip to the “Community” folder in the Scenarios folder (or create one if there is none).

This new release includes 6 brand-new scenarios:

  • Give Them Hell, 2008: NATO dispatches a relief convoy to Georgia during the Ossetia conflict, and Russia intervenes to block it.
  • Israel Strikes, 2014: Israeli airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear forces & infrastructure.
  • Montevideo Reach, 1973: The Soviet Union sends assistance to a socialist coup in Uruguay and a US amphib group must intervene – fast!
  • Danjo Wall, 1991: Japan mobilizes as a result of the Tienanmen riots and locks horns with China.
  • Operation Sling of David, 2014: The P-5+1 talks between Iran and the west collapse, and Israel decides to take matters on their own hands.
  • Small Random Convoy Transit, 1989: The classic “WW3 NATO convoy” theme, but with randomly-assigned forces and threats for great re-playability.

Also includes existing & updated scenarios:

With this release, the total number of scenarios (official + community) available for Command is now 65!


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