War Is Boring picks Command and FPC:RS as best PC war games of 2013!

December 24, 2013 · Posted in Command 

Michael Peck at War Is Boring is presenting their top picks for the best war games of 2013. In the PC category, Command and the supremely excellent Flashpoint Campaigns – Red Storm get the top spots!

[Command] isn’t just a game. It’s a simulation that’s as close as many of us will ever get to real Pentagon simulation. C:MANO, as fans call it, is a real-time game that boasts an incredibly rich—and unclassified—database of the aircraft and ships of the Cold War and beyond. […] Want to pit a flight of U.S. F-22s against a gaggle of Chinese J-11s? Or Chinese subs against an American carrier task force? C:MANO is your virtual sandbox. […] I strongly suspect that this game won’t prove any less accurate than the government’s tippity-top-secret simulations.

[FPC:RS] set the standard for simulations of modern tactical warfare. As I noted in an earlier review, Red Storm is one of the best war games in simulating the difficulties of command. […] It’s essentially John Boyd’s observe-orient-decide-and-act decision loop in game form, with victory going to whoever can best adapt their plans on the fly. Oh, and for the hardware-heads, it’s a chance to match T-80 tanks versus M-1s, Challengers and Leopards. We may not ever see a clash between mass mechanized armies again—thank goodness. Red Storm will give you some clue as to what might have happened had the Cold War turned hot.

Congratulations to both dev teams and Matrix!


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