New Command scenario: Frisian Flag

January 3, 2014 · Posted in Command 

clip_image001Database – DB3000
Author – Tomcat84

Date/Time: 25th April 2012 / 11:00:00 Zulu
Location: North Western Europe
Playable Sides: Blue

Frisian Flag is an annual multinational exercise hosted by the Royal Netherlands Air Force at Leeuwarden AFB. It focuses primarily on fighter aircraft working together in COMAO packages. Over the years it has seen a variety of participants from various countries, leading to an interesting mix of airplanes. Two missions are flown each day for two weeks, with various assignments, such as Defensive Counter Air, Air Interdiction, Escort, Dynamic Targeting, combinations of the above and more.

This scenario puts you in charge of an afternoon Blue package with AI and DT tasking in the second week of the exercise, and it is up to you to make it work.

To give you an idea of the scope, airplanes scheduled to fly out of Leeuwarden today are as follows:
Blue Air:

  • Byte Flight – Royal Air Force Typhoons x 4 – SEAD tasking
  • Shock Flight – German Air Force Typhoons x 4 – OCA tasking
  • Stingray Flight – Finland Air Force F-18s x 4 – OCA tasking
  • Archer/Killer Flights – Dutch F-16s x 8 – AI tasking
  • Norman Flight – Norwegian F-16s x 4 – AI tasking
  • Hunter Flight – Swedish Gripens x 4 – DT tasking
  • King Flight – Polish F-16s x 4 – AI tasking
  • Grim Flight – USAFE F-15s x 4 – OCA tasking


Red Air:

  • Ivan Flight – Dutch F-16s x 4
  • Dalton Flight – Belgian F-16s x 4
  • Poker Flight – Swedish Gripens x 2
  • Skimmer Flight – Norwegian F-16s x 4
  • Player Flight – Norwegian DA-20 Jammer

These aircraft will replicate certain threat types, as will be discussed in the Blue brief. Red Air will be able to regenerate several times in order to provide proper opposition. You will not have to worry about managing that part though, Ivan 1 has it under control 🙂


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