New Command scenario: The Vanuatu Crisis

January 3, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis

In 1996, an attempted coup took place in the tiny island country of Vanuatu.  One of the main reasons for the rebellion was a pay dispute affecting the national police force–Vanuatu had no standing military and the police force was the closest thing it had to an army. 

In history, the crisis was quickly resolved.  This scenario assumes that the crisis escalated, leading to the seizure of power by a revolutionary government.  Weeks later, Vanuatu is in chaos.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Perth

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION DARWIN LUNGE.


In October of this year, the Vanuatu Mobile Force, a branch of the Vanuatu police department, and the closest thing Vanuatu has to a standing military, staged a rebellion against the government.  They have taken the President Jean-Marie Léyé Lenelgau prisoner, along with several other ministers, and their leaders have formed a revolutionary government.

The revolutionary government currently controls the island of Efate.  Most of the rest of the country is in chaos.

The revolutionary government appears to be a throwback to the radical government of Prime Minister Father Walter Lini, who governed Vanuatu in the 1980s.  Intelligence reports indicate that the rebels have been attempting to gain recognition from other nations.  Both North Korea and Libya have recognized them; so far, no other countries have done so.  Unfortunately, it is possible that in the weeks since the coup the North Koreans have transported arms to the rebels.

Since the rebellion started, rioting and looting has taken place through Vanuatu.  More than one hundred civilians have been killed in the fighting and the violence does not appear likely to end any time soon.

Our government has decided to act.  By seizing control of the the island of Efate, freeing the government ministers, restoring the legimitimate government, taking the rebels into custody, and providing Vanuatu with a peacekeeping force, it is hoped we can end the civil violence and save innocent lives.


Vanuatu has no standing military force.  The duties of a military are provided were provided by the Vanuatu Mobile Force, which is now leading the rebellion. 

Aside from various small arms, it is unknown what equipment the Vanuatu Mobile Force may have received from North Korea.  Older weapons such as SA-7 man-portable SAMs are a distinct possibility.


Your amphibious group consists of D 38 Perth, FFG 2 Canberra, L 50 Tobruk, L 128 Labuan, and L 127 Brunei.

A detachment of F-111 Aardvarks is available at Townsville to assist you.


1. Aircraft at Townsville should fly reconnaissance missions over Port Vila and identify any targets that may represent a threat to the amphibious force.  Those targets should then be eliminated. 

2. Amphibous Group Tobruk should proceed to the landing zone marked on your tactical map.  Once this is accomplished, Australian soldiers will be able to seize the airport and the Parliament House. 

3. Surface Group Perth should position itself near Port Vila and protect the amphibious group.

4. Eliminate any appropriate targets of opportunity.


Your objectives are inconveniently located in the town of Port Vila, which means they are surrounded by civilian structures like schools and hospitals.  Avoid damaging these, if possible.


Command: Perth

Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck and Godspeed.


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