New Command scenario: Changjiang Strike

March 26, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – ‘poaw’


Date/Time: 22nd October, 2016
Location: South China Sea
Playable Sides: USN


A Carrier Strike Group supported by submarines and strategic bombers launches a raid on the Changjiang nuclear power plant facility on Hainan Island. Clear away the Chinese CAP and IADS so the bombers can do their work.

Orders for Commander US Forces


You have been tasked with launching a carrier raid on the Changjiang Nuclear Power Complex on Hainan Island, in support of future offensive operations against mainland Chinese miltary facilities. Cripple it’s ability to provide power but do not attack the reactors themselves.

The island itself is heavily defended by both modern fighter aircraft and advanced SAMs, so you’ll have to attack it in stages. You may attack their airfields and related facilities at your discretion.

The B-2s will be taking off from Andersen AFB at 1020PM GMT and arrive over Hainan Island at approximately 0250AM GMT. They will be under your operational command for the duration of this mission.

Available Forces:

Submarine Forces:

  • USS Seawolf

  • USS Georgia

  • USS New Hampshire

Reagan CSG:

  • USS Reagan

  • USS Cape St. George

  • USS Momsen

  • USS Sterett

Aviation Assets:

  • 6x MH-60R Seahawks

  • 12x F/A-18F Super Hornets

  • 12x F/A-18C Hornets

  • 24x F/A-18E Super Hornets

  • 4x E-2C Hawkeyes

  • 5x EA-6B Prowlers

Rules Of Engagement:

You are authorized to take any offensive action you deem necessary against Chinese military assets in order to accomplish your mission, however you are NOT to destroy the reactors themselves.

Also, we’ve managed to secure overflight rights from most of our partner nations in the region with the exception of Vietnam. We can’t assure the security of their land border with China or promise any assistance in dealing with retaliatory attacks so they have to avoid provoking a response by staying officially neutral. Everywhere else in the AO is fair game.

Designer notes:

This scenario is intended for the player to use the the carrier’s air wing for screening hostile fighters  and then using jamming, standoff weapon capabilities, and TLAMs concurrently to destroy the IADS on Hainan Island to clear a path for the B-2s. You score points by:

  • Degrading the Chinese IADS capability (destroying SAMs and Radars)

  • Knocking out airfield runways

  • Destroying the facilities of the Changjiang Reactor Complex

You are penalized for:

  • Losing aircraft

  • Destroying the reactors


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